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[2005-02-25 @ 9:43 p.m.]

Yeah, yeah. I have notes to reply to and technicalities to cover. I would... but I don't feel like it. Just so's yah know. (??)

Okay, my week in review: Monday, day off from school... thus I don't remember it at all. Tuesday, day at school... don't remember it at all. Wednesday... nope, still gettin' nothin'. Yesterday, did nothing in English, fell asleep in Government, talked about nudism in French (the class and the language), and was picked as a director in Acting. Yippee! And I can still act in a play, too! And today? We started reading "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" (I'm the Player! It was sooooo funny to be a part of) in English, I broke a $300 cello bow (I didn't really break it myself, I lifted it while playing and put it back down for a double-down bow, and the wood snapped, so I'm not in trouble... there was a witness!), almost cried because of it, pretended to write an essay in French while I actually read some Chekhov under my desk, and prepared some stuff (with two other girls who are just so sweet!) for holding auditions on Wednesday.

Wednesday being my 18th birthday, thanks very much! Let this be a warning: I'm tired of people complaining that I never mention my birthday, and they didn't know about it, and they hate me because of it. Alright, here it is: MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY, MARCH SECOND, ROUGHLY 10:00 PM ON THE WEST COAST. Yes, I live in Virginia, but I was born in Seattle. So, technically, my birthday doesn't come 'till March 3rd on the east coast, but I don't wanna wait.

So now no one should forget. I don't mean you should run out and get me anything, but I don't want complaints about my lack of birthday morals on my birthday. Thanks. You've been a beautiful audience!

Okay! And I just got back from another Silent Dinner at the mall! It was so much fun! My mum and I met a lot of people, and talked about a lot of things, and people thought I was a real student! I barely know anything! My mum's really good at it, she picks it up and understands it, and I have to look at her to comprehend most of the time. But sometimes I do get it, and I'm surprised! Especially since I've only gotten two days worth of sign-learning! Let's see... I learned "divorce", "ex-husband", "brother", "sister", the quick name of my city that I won't disclose, "drive", "conversation", "funny", "boring", practised my alphabet... and tons of other stuff that I can't even discern from previous knowledge.

And I had coffee... mmm... Moolatés!

Normally I complain about superficial entries like this, but I'm too tired to be philosophical right now. So, meh.

**Title from Will & Grace. Please, enjoy.

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