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Oscar? I don't even know her! ...okay, that was bad.
[2005-02-28 @ 1:57 p.m.]

I'm home sick today.

Let's take a look at the Amanda-to-English dictionary, shall we?

home- (n) sleep; the process of falling asleep; the state of sleep.

sick- (adj) menstruation; the physical state coinciding with menstruation i.e. severe abdominal cramps and/or nausea

Well, there you have it. I didn't sleep a wink last night, but still didn't get to watch all of the Oscars (thanks a lot for that long speech there, Hilary... really appreciate it). Tossed and turned all night. Can't sleep today because of period problems (they're worse in daytime). Living off Midol. Finishing up homework that Oscars didn't let me finish.

I'm feeling a little downtrodden that Jesus was ripped off this year. Because, as much as I love Lemony Snickett, I think that covering the back, face, arms, legs of Jim Caviezel to look like a crucified Jesus is a little more complicated than plastering a fake nose to Jim Carrey. You can't tell me that The Passion of the Christ didn't deserve at least the makeup award. Nor can you honestly tell me that The Incredibles was better than Shrek 2. At least Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win anything... I'd boycott the Academy completely if that had happened.

And I don't like Chris Rock. (Apparently trying to prevent the deaths of 200,000 more Kurds in the "ethnic cleansing" of Iraq means that Bush is a bad guy. I suppose I have my priorities in the wrong order.)

Well, disappointed I was, but Jamie Foxx won, and that was very nice indeed.

Okay, I'm going to do it. I'm going to cave. My text box on this site is too small, and I don't feel like making it bigger, but I've been up to quite a bit of art mischief. Here's my livejournal link.

Here's my flapper. The theme was "Jazz".

Here's my "Sorrow" theme. The World Trade Centers.

Go look! They're not wonderful pictures... but they're not terrible. I have some make-up work to start and a monologue to find/memorise. Bye!

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