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Je suis fatiguée.
[2005-03-05 @ 2:24 p.m.]

Okay, I don't understand computers. Does anyone here get them? I've been contemplating laptops (notebooks) for college, and I've got it down to two: the iBook G4 (with all of the features available, including the widest screen, it's $1600, with the basics it's $1000), and the K Series Sony VAIO (the least I can find it for is nearly $1800, but there are no possible upgrades for it at that price).

So, I want to be able to: edit film as best I can, listen to music, watch dvds, perhaps burn cds and dvds (though it's really not necessary... I'd just like to not have to take all the dvds with me to college, I'd prefer to have my own copies), be able to use wireless internet connection (does anybody know any good brand names to consider with wireless internet equipment?), get onto the internet as quickly as possible, and type essays. That's basically the only reason I'm gonna need it, really. So, any advice?

Since I don't feel much like typing, just taking a Motrin and taking a nap before waitressing tonight, I'm just a-gonna copy and paste what I wrote on my Livejournal. I love you all dearly, but get over it. I'm gonna go and read some Chekhov... as soon as I renew my books... oops.

So it's no small wonder I did so poorly at the French competition. «Excéllent», selon moi, veut dire «Désolé, mais vous êtes stupide». And I know I'm not bad at French. I'm not saying I'm wonderful, but I didn't need the kick in the gut of an "Excellent", didn't need the drop from last year. Of course, I had planned out what I was going to say when I saw the picture, but I got halfway through saying it, and basically gave up. I realised I was making terrible grammatical errors, and didn't even talk all the way through. I'm sure I did the worst out of the school, whereas last time, I was the best out of every public school present. I just got in that room, and gave up. I had no self-confidence left... but I know that I know French.

At least I got to watch Mylène Farmer. She's the schiz. I want her cds, and dvds, and teeshirts, and... well, you know what I mean. What do I care if a couple of back-water French teachers think I can't speak French? Last semester in French 5, I had the highest average, excluding the German foreign exchange student who spoke with near fluency. And I don't need my dad or some of my friends to bring me down, especially on my 18th birthday.

I just need confidence. I need to start listening to my mum instead of my dad. I just got the mail, like halfway through typing this, and I knew there was going to be something from a college in there, so I got up and sorted through it, and this huge package at the bottom beckoned to me, and it was my acceptance letter from University of South Carolina! YESSS!!! I hope I don't have to fill out the housing and financial materials right away, because I want to see what other colleges accept me (if any). It wasn't my last choice, though, so that's a definite plus! So, that was a good end to a bad week.

Plus, I went to this MAJOR sale at the Limited and bought myself somethin' pretty, and then felt like I needed to go to exercise at the Y. I do, I need to start being healthier. Maybe it would get rid of this desolate mood of mine.

...College of Arts and Sciences: Film Major... cool. I wish I had applied earlier so I could have Honours privileges. I didn't realise that the applications were non-binding. I have until May 1st to turn everything in, so I can see what other choices I may have. Remind me that tomorrow I have to gather addresses for mid-year reports to my college choices... This is such a relief.

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