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[2005-03-06 @ 2:57 p.m.]

Oooh... my mommy bought me a gold account, and now there are all of these things everywhere that I don't understand... I guess I'll find out what everything means eventually. But, my mum told me when I first started she'd give me a paid account if I kept this up, and I have for quite awhile! So, she surprised me today.

Thank you, mommy!

So, my entry yesterday (I did update yesterday, didn't I?) was depressing and boring. Sorry if I accidentally dish out more of the same, but I have a massive headache that only serves to lessen the pain of viral blisters in my mouth. And I need a new layout. I was busy making my own that was turning out very nicely. You see, I'm supposed to be memorising quotes from the books I've been reading for the AP English exam, and I started on quotes from The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I picked a picture that seemed to match the feeling, picked the most important quote, and just decided I'm no good at html, and until I figure out what I want to do with what I have, I'll find a pre-made one to deal with. That way I can have a new one to look at while I play around with what I really want.

I renewed my books from the library. I called yesterday, but didn't have my card (which doesn't matter, because it's so old the numbers have worn off and I need a new one), and the lady couldn't do her job right, so I got frustrated and tried again today. Luckily I got someone with half a brain who was still a little snotty, but helped me out (beggers can't be choosers, at least she took the initiative to help me instead of being completely rude). That means I have one more week with Chekhov, Yeats, and Eliot.

I donned the waitress mode last night for an orchestra dinner, and had a lot of fun sneaking extra Olive Garden breadsticks with my fellow worker-bees. We felt like fat-kids stealing birthday cake, because the teacher couldn't see us eating them, but it wasn't like the customers were going without them. I was on a boost from the South Carolina acceptance letter, thankfully, but I was terribly tired when I got home. I wouldn't mind being a waitress over the summer or something, but I know I can't have a job, and I'll probably be too busy this summer anyway.

I realised today just how sorry I feel for the Tic-Tac company. Eclipse mints are so much better, far more addicting, and don't get stuck on the sides of the tin. I've been converting old Tic-Tac dependables to the ways of Eclipse, and didn't quite realise the effects. I swear, Eclipse must put coccaine in its mints. I pop one in my mouth while I'm reading, and before I realise it, ten minutes later I've got six in my mouth at a time and the newly-opened tin is empty. They don't last a day around me, not a day. I'd pick them over chocolate!

If I don't stop, I'll be an Eclipse glutton.... why did I start talking about this? Oh, yeah, I found an old tin (which isn't even really tin, it's plastic) of Tic-Tacs in my mum's car whilst searching for my library card. It was the "bigger" orange kind. I realised then that the "bigger" thing was a sad gimmic, because the reason Tic-Tacs were so appealing at first was their size, and by making them bigger, they just stick to the sides more easily. Plus, the tins never got bigger, so though the Tic-Tacs got larger and thus the time it takes to finish one, the overall amount of Tic-Tac-goodness never increased nor decreased. So take away the original gimmic for a less efficient and no more satisfying one, and you've got a larger enterprise room for Eclipse mints.

...Wow. And with that, I should probably go. And find some chocolate.

Thank you to the Wrigley gum company for the title. I assume I won't be sued now that I've said that, especially since the phrase hasn't been copyrighted, as far as I can tell.

(I can hear my grandma from across the house yelling, "HIT HIM AGAIN, ROCKY!"... I wonder if she knows that he'll lose?)

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