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[2005-03-11 @ 5:25 p.m.]

Erk, it's been far too long since I've been on this loverly diary of mine! Sorry 'bout that! I'll get to reading everybody's diary and stuffs, but I have to say thanks to everybody who remembered my birthday, late, early, and right on time. It makes me feel really special that so many people from so far away still like me enough to remember me on one day of the year! Huzzah for D-Land! I'll leave you all individual notes as soon as I can, but I'm so busy!

What have I been doing? ... You know, it seems like a lot more when I think about it than when I move to type it. Tomorrow I have an orchestra district competition-- we actually played pretty well today, I was surprised (normally we suck... suck eggs)! I don't think we'll do so badly tomorrow, but it's an all-day event for me. My brother has the same competition on the same day at the same place, but earlier, so I had to find a ride from someone else! So I've been practising for that.

Since I'm directing a show and acting in one in Acting Techniques class, I've got a lot of stuff to do. My actors are always asking me for new blocking and I never have it because I have hours of homework every night on top of filling out all of my director's sheets and going over my lines for the other show. I'm really glad I'm in both, though, and I prefer the work over choosing either job! So I take the work! And I figured out some blocking! And we still had time to form a back-massage line! I feel all relaxed... Though, I do need to start thinking of jobs for the one girl I hired as Crew Chief. Because I don't have any of my set prepared yet. Maybe I can get her to take charge of gathering the prices of wood and stuff, and air matresses. I don't have a ton of money (indeed, I don't have any at all! Imagine!), so the cheaper, the better! That's been consuming a lot of my time, but I LOOOVE it! I wish I could do more! And more! And more!

And I have to make a painting for my English teacher. She's out of the hospital since she had a surgery for a tumor, but she's still not back teaching, she's staying with family. I think she's the coolest teacher I've ever had. She's always so nice, and always so supportive... she reminds everybody of Snow White! Our sub is really nice, too. She's always giving people very individual compliments, and she gave me an acting pep-talk! At first I thought she didn't like me, but I don't think she dislikes anyone. Anyway, I was going to paint my teacher my vision of... have any of you every read Kate Chopin's The Awakening? Well, there's this one part where Edna hears a Chopin song on the piano, and imagines a man in nude staring out over the ocean and leaning against a rock. I was going to paint that (from the waist up... I don't feel like delving into anatomy much, thanks) for her. I have the canvas, I have the paint, now I've just got to find the time! (We're starting Jane Eyre in English, huzzah! It's a good thing I already know what happens, huh? That helps me pick out small things in the text I wouldn't normally see, just like with Daniel Deronda!) so that she feels all better!

And speaking of time, it's dinner time! It's a good thing I have so much work: it keeps my mind off more depressing matters. Adieu, adieu!

Who knew that Ashley is the most popular name of the 1990s?

**The title is from Aladdin. You should know that!

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