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[2005-03-31 @ 8:46 p.m.]

Meh, another day, another entry.

I went shopping! And got rid of the shopping bug! New stuff, and a visit to the thrift store for the play I'm in. I was trying to find something the opposite of what I'd normally wear, something bright, and preppy, and cheerleader-y (which, strangely enough, I feel like I need to start wearing, because the black/white habit I've been inadvertantly falling into is making me more depressed than I need to be). Annoying, to sum it up. But thrift stores aren't easy places to shop at for specific things. You have to get lucky, and find whatever it is God ordains.

So, I found a gold Tommy skirt. I mean, gold. (Not 24 karats, but shiny, shiny gold fabric.) Then I found a red Express shirt that matched, and I have very shiney gold shoes at home. So, that might do the trick. If not, I have a white skirt with pink polka-dots and pink ribbon, and a pink shirt with white polka-dots to wear with it, so all I'd need are some very bright, shiny pink shoes! Preferably with flowers on them!

So, in all, I got two skirts (one, besides the gold one, that looked amazingly Spanish, and the "ethnic" thing is in), a bunch of shirts (one that was a coral coloured linen from Ireland!), and a pair of camo high-heels. Which sounds geeky, but they're made of suede, and are *very* cute. And I know all of this sounds shallow, but I don't care.

But, my hunt for Irish knowledge has expanded to know that before the Tuatha de Danaan were the savage Firbolgs. Before now I didn't know their names. Anyway, they were kind of like the early English-- hairy, and dumb (I'm not sure where the timeline of English history delineates these brutes from the modern ones... or if it does at all). Whereas the early Irish were intelligent and enlightened. And they make lovely linen!

Kidding. Even about the English. *cough*

I wonder how much it costs to go to Cambridge... I know their summer program's expensive. Well, not that bad, though, considering that it's a summer program, not an excursion. $5,000 couldn't get me that far on a week's trip, unless I were staying at rat-infested youth hostels. Not that I believe youth hostels are necessarily rat-infested. I'm just saying England has a nasty relationship with rats. Digression, sorry! I know I shouldn't be planning two years ahead, but I'm just really attatched to studying acting in England. I dunno why. I think I had a dream about it last night, but I forgot it during the course of the day. Thank heaven it wasn't the "getting shot at Harvard" nightmare again.

I do remember, however, saying the word "chuffer" without feeling awkward. Why that would stick out in my mind is beyond me. ...I'll do some research. If it's outside of my means, I'll look at other colleges. Where did Orlando Bloom study? Heavens knows that if they take him, they'd take me... though, I'm pretty sure it was an arts highschool that I'm thinking of. And I don't want to go through highschool again. To tell you the truth, I've never wanted summer to come as badly as I want it to now. I just want to stop thinking, and sit. Just sit. It's not like I'm overloaded with work, just worksheets and books and lines to memorise. It's no different than any other year. I'm just really depressed this year, and so I want the year to be over.

Terry Schiavo died today. You know, I agree with the Pope. She should have had her feeding tube replaced. I thought a lot about it, and I decided that I couldn't project my feelings on the case, you know, "I wouldn't want to live under those conditions." I know her husband has rights over her, but there was evidence that the reason she went into a vegetative state was maritial abuse, and furthermore her husband ordered her off of therapy once it started making a significant change in her progress. She was even speaking to the nurses, and telling her doctors, "No," when they moved to examine her. After years of no therapy, evidence of homicidal attempts by her husband (supposedly he tried injecting her with insulin)-- of course she'd be in a worse state than before! Early on she could have been saved, and I think that if there are signs of an abusive relationship that control should be given to the parents, and she should have continued to live. In any case, as long as the parents sued the husband, it should have gone to Federal Court in the first place. When a suit is filed that may end with loss of life (capital punishment), it goes directly to Federal District Court. What happened was a case that no one wanted to overturn because of publicity... or, at least, there were tainted minds.

Speaking of the Pope, he's gotten his last rites. I know I'm not Catholic, but I think that he was a very important and good man. I pray for a lot of things out of this-- that when he passes, it's quick, and that he's with Jesus as soon as possible; that the best man take over the job, because corruption in a Church that large is easy (it's happened before); and that devotees remain stable (I hope no one goes crazy and commits suicide or anything... luckily it's against the religion). I love the Pope, and it was painful to see all of the news stories of his digression. I can't imagine anybody else as the Pope.

Is it possible to make him into a Saint? I know there's a Pope Saint Hilarus. Do Popes automatically become Saints? I hope so. ...Though I think praying to saints is a little pagan in form. You are your own messenger to God. *sigh* At a time like this, theological debates are petty.

The title is from Anne Frank.

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