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Farced epistol to the highbruws!
[2005-04-05 @ 4:30 p.m.]

AP Government homework? What? What AP Government homework?

My Spring Break was okay. But I don't really want to talk about it.

But, everything else is up for grabs!

We're rereading Wuthering Heights in AP English (par Emily Brontė), and I'm reading Daniel Deronda (der... I'm at the book of Mordecai! And I laughed uncontrollably when he used "goyim" in his poem! Because I know what that means! [Look for the short story "Defender of the Faith" by Philip Roth... it's really good... and if you do, keep in mind that the hypocrite's two friends are the two ideals of the Holocaust, and he is manipulating the Holocaust to his best advantage {the latter part is highly evident}, and look up what "schul" means, and connect it to the name "Schulmann"), and I'm reading my Celtic history book, and I'm reading This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and I'm reading (or trying to, at least) Finnegan's Wake by James Joyce.

Whew. As if the number of books didn't complicate anything, I had to pick Joyce. I took one look at the first line... "riverrun, past Eve and Adam's..."... saw that it began in the middle of a sentence, flipped to the back and saw that it ended in the middle of the same sentence... scanned some pages in between... rejoyced, wrippedout mine niftygifty card, ranthpast rows and roes of mirthanddumasandtolstoyisahardyisashakeshisspear and throws mehself to the contatore ou se controuve the contessa, and bought the darned thing. And poured over its seventy different languages like the dream it is while fighting off my own sleep with a hard-core expresso from Starbucks.

Ahh, caffiene. And, yes, I promise I'll work on the Joyce-like writing (because that was a shem). And when I do, I'll write an entire entry like that, and let you figure out what I'm saying. **Good hint for reading Joyce: gh = v, bh = f/v, s = sh, and th = no sound. That's imperative to understand for some of the wordplay, because it's the Irish Gaelic spelling... and he's... Irish...

Urgh, besides that, I've lines to memorise for the play I'm in. And AP English and Government homework to do (I need to remind myself periodically). Springbreak was a bad time for me. Bad news on all sides, and then the pope died, and I was in a mental slump. I mean, I sat up and watched the news day and night, and had nightmares, and cried in my sleep when the pope was dying. And then when it was over, I cried a little all day, and then I realised that instead of feeling bad for him, I should feel happy, because he's with Jesus now, and he lived life the best he could (you don't get much better than papacy). And I know I'm not Catholic, I'm Protestant (I'm the opposite of Catholic, haha!), he's been around for... ever to me! It's different that Ronald Reagan, because the pope becomes a family member to every person of every religion, because he has a say in everything that occurs. And John Paul II was the best pope for that job, in my opinion. Grazie, papa.

Though, I do have a bone to pick. Cardinals are gathering to discuss ideas for a new "Holy Father". Uhh... last I checked, the "Holy Father" was God. I loved John Paul II because he actually praised Jesus as part of the Trinity (hence the name Trinity), whereas a lot of the Catholic Church is becoming corrupt in the belief that Jesus was never a man, but an ideal, and that once living men and the Virgin Mary are worthy of praise over Him. No pope fathered Jesus, and no pope should be called "the Holy Father". But that's just my heathen Protestant input. In any case, with the work from school, it's a lot easier to keep from depression over a death that was welcomed by its participants (I still miss him, though).

And, as an afterword, I have "Come on Eileen" stuck in my head. Go Toora loorah toorah loo-rye-aye...

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