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[2005-04-10 @ 5:12 p.m.]

I'm trying to learn... HEBREW! YAY!

I wanted to learn Italian, because I can pretty much read it already (due to French, of course), but my French teacher yelled at me to wait until after the AP French exam to learn another romantic language (I suppose so I don't use "io" instead of "je" in an essay).

Anyway, so my Church is taking a trip to Israel, and even if I can't go (as a teenager, though a legal adult, my finances are limited), the idea prompted me to finally pick it up. So, I printed out the alphabet, and listened to it enough times to know pronunciations, and today I'm going to practice writing all the way from apleh to tav until I've got it memorised. It's kinda weird reading in columns from right to left, though. ...No weirder than figuring out how to say, "No," in Chinese (in case you need to know, there is no "no", you have to repeat the sentence in a negative form...), though.

Err, other than an awesome service at Church today, I went to Old Navy and had Chinese (here we are again!) yesterday. We played the "in bed" game with our fortune cookies. I then went home and tried to insert the words "in bed" at the end of every sentence in Daniel Deronda, but it wasn't as fun (except for the dialogue between Daniel and Mordecai, that turned rather entertaining). I watched some Britcoms ("My Hero" and "Coupling") with my mummy, and won Texas Hold'em Poker again. I have yet to lose! (I've also played, what, seven games of it?) I should ask forgiveness in prayer tonight for playing Poker on Sabbath.

But I didn't bet anything! Just plastic chips!

Well, I have homework and Hebrew to get to. And I'm kinda hungry. I'm going to go eat my pudding and finish the first act of "Othello" off. I can't wait until we read "Tartuffe" in AP English! I want to be Mariane! ...Oh, and I have lines to memorise by Friday. What days I don't have rehearsal, I'll be busy with scenery for the musical. Yay for painting! Oh! And I'm officially House Manager for the musical, too! I think it's because my name was first on the usher list... but, whatever the case, the job is mine! Huzzah!

Oh, and I'm going to leave you with some wise words from my friend, John Donne (I believe this is from Meditation XIX):

O how many farre more miserable, and farre more worthy to be lesse miserable than I, are besieged with this sicknesse, and lacke their Sentinels, their Physitians to watch, and lacke their munition, their cordials to defend, and perish before the enemies weaknesse might invite them to sally, before the disease shew any declination, or admit any way of working upon it selfe! In me the siege is so farre slackned, as that we may come to fight, and so die in the field, if I die, and not in a prison.

**God helps us through everything, though we deem ourselves unworthy. Place all trust in Him, and even when we fail, we will be free through Him, and will never be alone. Life is a war, but the only peace in life can be found through life in God! Yay for Donne!

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