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[2005-04-11 @ 8:12 p.m.]

Again, a probable hour's worth of homework awaits me, and still I'm procrastinating on the computer. I've been sitting here since I came home, chatting away with email buddies, reading stuff online, looking up backrounds on some writers I was curious about... but, no work.

I should be doing my French homework. In French class today, we switched rooms with the German students, and watched Audrey Tautou in A la fois... pas de tout, which, in English, is He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not. You know, normally I guess movies. Almost all of them. Including Shyamalan (not that I place my intellect above his, of course). But, nope, not this one. Its style was really good, definitely of the French sort, and the storyline was really gripping. And it was incredibly funny at just the scariest times. And the acting was very, very impressive. I really thought at the beginning that it was a romantic comedy... it was really kind of a romantic thriller, if possible.

We're still reading "Othello" in AP English, but tomorrow we're taking a break (shh!) for a secret (shh!) party for our long-term substitute, who's last day is tomorrow. Then we get someone else who's "very familiar". We heard that they were pulling a teacher from retirement for us, but I hope it's either the British lady who likes Shakespeare, or my teacher from last year who likes Cyndi Lauper. *giggle* Long story. It'll probably some old person who's cranky and evil. I want my teacher back!

And for drama I have some lines to memorise by Friday, and tomorrow I have to paint some scenery for the musical. Huzzah! I got a call from Christopher Newport University's Student Leadership Program today near dinner, and was asked a bunch of questions about whom I find to be a good leader, and what qualities a leader must have, if there are expectations or standards to be set for leaders (I really wanted to talk about Daniel Deronda on that one, but that might have been just too pretentious... that book is consuming my mind!), and what qualities of a leader are in me. The lady seemed impressed with my theatre work, and my orchestra work, and my artwork, and all my answers, so she accepted me right there on the spot! That was pretty uplifting! ...You tolerate me! You really tolerate me!

And with that, I will leave.
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