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[2005-04-12 @ 9:16 p.m.]

Meh, I'm in a foul mood. I have been all day. My English sub is leaving, as I said before, and our "food day" made me break my on/off diet. It's been off for quite a while. And so I've realised just what a wishy-washy, indicisive Hamlet I've become-- never keep my mind on one thing, and I talk to myself. C'mon, you know you do it too, talk to yourself! Admit it! I can't go anywhere without noise, so I make noise myself. Which just happens to amount in conversation, one-sided arguments, and random quotations at random intervals. "Words, words, words!"

I'm pretty sure it's not healthy. But neither is what I eat. Perhaps when I finally stick to what it is I should be doing, the nasty side-effects will go away, and I'll (according to Turgenev) transform into a Quioxte, and brandish my pen at windmills! Thus, I will diet. And tan. And bleach my teeth. And build a sandcastle out of my little pile of what once was self-confidence. Yay! ...How many idioms did I mix in there? Oh well.

Tomorrow I have no school. I'm taking the day to clean, clean, clean, and study Hebrew. I'm still on writing the alephbet... I've never had to learn a new written alphabet, I must admit. Every language I've taken a stab at either used our romantic letters and Arabic numbers, or none at all (Chinese and Sign Language). So to combine new sounds to new symbols is pretty mind-boggling. And then the whole write from the right to the left thing... whew! They just don't make paper enough to get the hang of that! But I can officially read a sentence without depending on the romantic alphabet for sound! Huzzah!

Anyway, that leaves me time tonight to read up on Celtic history again, and find out just how Mordecai introduces the Holy Land to Daniel. ...Has anyone ever watched "Colonial House" on PBS? I'm sorry, it's been one episode, and I'm obsessed. It's so much better than the other "____ House" shows they've done. And plus, there are foreigners. Yeah, Brits. And goats, lots of goats. And a puppy! A cute little puppy! Way too cool.

Eh, I'm boring. I bore myself. I'm sure I bore you. I need a new layout! I'm off to find one!

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