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'Ello, govna!
[2005-04-20 @ 7:25 p.m.]

Okay, okay. I know. I have Government and French homework. It's bad. I'm a bad student.

Yes. Now that I've accepted that fact, I can move on. I think our new British sub for AP English (I swear to heaven, the post reminds me of the professor of the Dark Arts in Harry Potter... y'know... no one wants to... keep... it... never mind) hates me. It's because I'm Irish. I can tell. She made a face when she said "Joyce", and looked directly at me! What, do I just have "MIC" written across my brow? In all honesty, though, perhaps it's because she can overhear my corner murmuring about Oliver Cromwell. That doesn't bode well for "Anglo-Irish" (hardyharhar) relations. She's just joking... I think...

All that is grand, but on Monday I took an orchestra test without any knowledge of what it was on. So, the night before, I practised for hours on every piece of music I had, and still hadn't particularly practiced "Sorceror's Apprentice". Someone in the first violins said his test might match mine, and to practice that, but I still believed it had to be something a little more complicated. Like Mozart. Well, now I'm good at all my music, except I don't think I did as well on the test as I usually do. Good news though: I get the feeling that no one has any idea what he and/or she is doing in that class, so that's a positive thing on which to dwell.

Children of Eden is the highschool's musical this year, and I'm House Manager (which is probably due to the fact that my name was first on the Usher-list, but the director says it's because I'm "trust-worthy"), and I was told to come to tonight's rehearsal, but the director either forgot or changed her mind, so I go tomorrow night, and then to the shows on Friday and Saturday. Beaucoup de fun! I should have signed up for crew. I like doing crew. I can't sing, or else I'd be in the musical, itself. I know I can act, though! I could just lipsinc! Oooh, though, I can sing "Wouldn't it be Loverly" from My Fair Lady, because you're supposed to sing it rather badly, and I can fake a Cockney! Grand!

And, French. It's bootcamp week, don't know if I've mentioned that. I really honestly believe that if the teacher didn't tell us we were doing more work than usual, we wouldn't notice. There's a speaking test, report, listening test, reading test, and writing test just about every day. Which isn't a far cry from what we normally do, except the teacher shouts, "C'est boot-camp! Allez! Finissez! Ecrivez! Parlez!" In any case, the AP exam is fast approaching. I'm sure I'll do fine, but I'm taking time aside this weekend for verb study. Unless the Chariot Race is on Saturday, b/c I really wanted to go, and wear a barret, and make a poster that says, "GAULLIA! GAULLIA! GAULLIA!" Or something like that. (Or is it, "Gaulia"? I don't know. I speak a language that's actually spoken.)

MOSQUITO! I swear, I hate the summer. I say that because my state skipped Spring. It's 81 degrees out. ARGH!

"Cogito, ergo sum."

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