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Good riddance, you little Filthy McNasty!
[2005-04-30 @ 4:54 p.m.]

What is up with diary banners? Why isn't there some kind of limit to what people can put in their banners? I mean, I know we're supposed to have discretion before entering into another person's diary (we read at our own risks), but I think it's unfair that every time I log into this account, there's a banner with nudity, or innuendo. There are some that are really entertaining, but some that are just really disgusting. And don't throw the First Ammendment at me-- pornography is any form of sex or violence that does not have artistic merit. So a picture of someone's butt with a tatoo on it isn't exactly protected under the constitution. And not everyone here is American anyway. Oh well, I can just keep refreshing until it goes away.

I've been cleaning the living room today so I can go prom-shopping tomorrow. I really hope I can, because next weekend is the last weekend before prom, and I don't even have a dress. I'm worried because a lot of stores do this thing where if someone from your school has bought the same dress, you can't have it, and I'm always last minute shopping. I don't want to keep on waiting, I want to get it done and over with. I already don't care for the experience. I don't like dances! Make it end!!!

I have some additions to my Brit-American dictionary. I think I should share:

ladders- (noun) not the kind you climb up, or walk under to get bad luck, oh, nooo, that would would be too easy; blatently named for their appearance, these are found where there are "runs" in your stockings

stockings- (noun) pantyhose, Americans would never use this term because apparently it's too close to "socks", and could cause utter confusion, and result in a red in the Terror Alert Scale

answerphone- (noun) if broken down, we have "answer" and "phone", which makes sense, but together "answerphone" can be misleading; it is not a phone that answers, but an answer to the phone (ie. in American, "answering machine")

Okay, I'll have more entries for that later, and eventually I'll create a seperate page for it, so it can be found more easily. I've been watching Coupling a little too often. I'm sorry. As I should be, I'm sure! Nothing is as funny as my translation for "chuffer". Which can be a very confusing term at times, if not used properly in casual conversation.

See, this all springs from the fact that I want to transfer from my college to Cambridge (it's planned out already... the only thing left is to wait two years). I decided to go to Christopher Newport University. At first I wasn't sure about it, because I could be going to bigger colleges or state universities, but I was accepted to all of these special programs without even really applying for them; programs that will take me overseas to meet international lawyers, or allow me to take really advanced classes. It means a lot of work, but a lot more opportunity, and all of the other colleges accepted classmates of particular personalities that I don't care for. I won't name names or point fingers, but this college made me feel welcome, and if they're willing to send me to other countries, sweet! Plus, how good does it look to a foreign college that I have a backround in foreign studies? CNU has an amazing theatre department, one of the best on the East Coast (I hear), and really nice housing. My friends are going there, I'm close to my mum and far from my "dad"... I think I'll be happy for however long I decide to stay, and even happier that I was there when I decide to move on. I heard that England's the best place to study acting theories, and I take acting very seriously, so that's where I want to go. And go I will!

I gotta go, my mum needs the computer, and I need to clean. And study for my AP French exam on Monday. Hopefully I'll find a ride to the breakfast we're having!

Title is from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I love that show!

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