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[2005-05-02 @ 10:14 p.m.]

I was supposed to have written a Daniel Deronda analysis, and was about halfway through when I decided I wanted to take an infamous "Mercy Day" to turn it in late without reprimand (well, consequence reflected in grades). Then I decided I wanted to finish it, but accidentally saved the George Eliot poem (whose title, amazingly, matches the one of this entry) over my essay. I had no other copies. Now I really can't turn it in.

So. Yes. Today I skipped half the school day to go out to breakfast with the rest of the french class. I had french toast. No pun intended. We went to the thrift store afterward and I found a very annoying pink dress that may just work for the character I'm playing, and a pattern for my mum. Then I took the AP French Exam, but due to testing restrictions, I'm not under the permission to discuss it. We finished, because of multiple interruptions, at five. In the evening. I got home at dinner. And didn't feel like writing my essay. I felt like reading the book, though! Daniel Deronda is just one of the best books in the world. Read it. The end. (And don't listen to the criticisms that basically include the idea that "superficiality of minor characters of the book results in stereotyping that destroys the overall meaning, and that the heaviness of the plot encumbers the reader too much through the 900 pages.") (Because I find that the stereotyping in no way renders the intricate characterisation trivial-- quite the opposite!)
And... right, I'll stop.

Umm... AP English Exam on Thursday. I need to review some quotes from some books that I can write about. "The touch of the sea in sensuous, enfolding the body in its soft, close embrace." Gag me. There's a lot I have to say about the "feminism" of Chopin. But I won't go there. She already made it so that my room reeks of oil paints. Though, I'm glad to paint for the purpose that I am.

I'm really tired. And I'm sure I had something else to say, but I feel I'm slipping into le néant (and I forgot to use that today during the test... poo).

Well. It's time for me to restart my essay. ADDENDUM: I completely agree with whatever Cherry (free2dream) said about rereading past entries. Gah, I was so stupid a year ago. And even dumber a year before that. And I'm sure my "intelligence" now will pale in comparison to that of next year's, and that of the following... until I grow senile. I've got awhile.

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