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Refried... beans?
[2005-05-03 @ 7:04 p.m.]

Heeey! I can't talk, I've an essay to finish writing, but can you check out the intro for me? Any info by, say, the end of the night would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel Deronda is George Eliot’s final and most divisive novel, and its publication in 1876 met condemnation from critics and enjoyed wild success from the public. With it she deviates from her illustration of the middle-class (as with her widely esteemed work, Middlemarch) in favour of two extremes—utter and desperate poverty contrasted against selfish and ignorant wealth. Indeed, two extremes consume the novel and the mind of the title character and protagonist, Daniel Deronda. He is a young, wealthy, and winsome man in a state of inactive suspension due to obliviousness concerning his past. He believes that his uncle, Sir Hugo Mallinger, is his father, and he is an illegitimate child with no knowledge of his mother. This leaves him to be a clean slate for society’s will; he is a strict conservative and of high-moral standing, with no bias toward any one way of life, and therefore, by helping all others before himself, tries them all. After receiving his education, as he searches for a definite direction in life to take, he is confronted with two opposites: leading a wealthy and indulgent Anglo-German life, or enduring a physically and monetarily strenuous but spiritually fulfilling Jewish life. All aspects of the novel are influenced by the two choices, from allusions and metaphors to (and most notably) the intricate skeleton of foiled characters, leaving Deronda to his skill in judging personalities to delineate between the two.

Long, I know.

Can't say much: we watched "Ever After" in AP French in French (der... and, uh, the movie-- gag me), I wrote two essays in AP English, skipped out on an AP Gov't test that I'm retaking on Friday morning, my AP English exam is Thursday, my AP Gov't exam next Wednesday, and I sucked at rehearsal today. I couldn't remember my lines for beans because my mind is as fried from yesterday's test as... refried beans.

It sounded better in my head.

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