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Oh, so now the talking cheese is preaching to us!
[2005-05-05 @ 4:13 p.m.]

Gawh, my eyes hurt! Words, words, words... I'm so tired of looking at words!

My AP English 12 test was today. It was fun! Just like any other test I take in class. The poor AP readers... on my last essay, I wrote three pages. I managed to fit in five quotes total, though. Good, good.

I spent all of last night memorising stuff. My MP3 Player can record and loop, so I recorded myself saying each quote from each book three million times, and listened to it last night as I lay in bed. I had slept the whole day before due to severe tummy ickiness and nasty headache and sore throat. I wanted to rest up before the test, and it definitely helped. I was in such a rare mood, my poor English sub (actually from England) called us all monsters (she was being facetious), and I said, "It's because I'm Irish, isnt' it?" Oooh, those 800 years...

Reminding me of a George Eliot quote: "...if a literature is called rich in the possession of a few classic tragedies, what do you say to a national tragedy lasting for fiteen-hundred years, in which the poets and actors were also the heroes?" It might be a little off, but oh well. I did just memorise it last night, for heaven's sake.

I used to have the whole of Aladdin memorised, from beginning to end. I could sit down and repeat the entire thing without any aid. No lie. And that was only a few years ago. ...I love Disney movies... We watched Finding Nemo in French class! That movie is so depressing... it's much darker than any other Disney movie. It's not my favourite, but it's still good. And now I have the inexplicable desire to watch Aladdin.

Oh, and the Illustration Friday topic this week was "ambitious", and I was going to take that Jacques-Louis David painting of Napoleon on horseback, trace it off and draw it, but then put Napoleon Dynamite's face over Napoleon Bonaparte's. I don't know why. ...I wish I had had the time.

I'm thirsty. And tired. I wish I could have came home directly after the AP test like everybody else, but I had to be at fourth bell. It was worth it! (For the play I'm directing, my cast had hot-seat. Always fun. That's my favourite part of acting! I have to type an essay tonight on, "The Confusion of Being a Teenage Girl of the Ninetees" as my character... a prissy pageant prep! FUN!!! My director should expect a lot of glitter.)

Title from Spongebob. And sorry I'm so horribly unentertaining today. My brain hurts.

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