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[2005-05-14 @ 6:53 p.m.]

Meh. Prom was... prom. I guess there should be a more lengthy description of it, though, since it tends to be a thing to dwell on. For the sake of mindless conformity, here is my prom night:

It began at noon (...), when I was picked up from school a little early for a "doctor's" appointment. My mum took me to the mall, and I got my hair done... My mum and I giggled at the conversations we heard between the teenagers there, and then we got free ice-cream from the guy at Dairy Queen for looking cute and brightening his day.

I spent an hour applying my makeup, then rushed over to the hormone and angst-filled meeting-spot of my friends. The limo pulled up just as everyone finished getting ready, and we all popped in (the limo-driver flirted with my mum... aww!). We arrived to the restaurant down-town, and it was quite lovely. It looked like an old monastery... for some reason ( ;D ), and I made myself the butt of some jokes to get rid of a pessimistic attitude that seemed to be ubiquitous throughout the night. We waited an hour for food that was horribly expensive and in very limited portions, and then we went to the hotel where prom was being held.

Prom, itself, was okay. It was fun getting comments on my outfit ("Those are the best shoes I've seen all night *squeal*!" "I LOVE that purse!" "Your gown is so gorgeous!" "I like your hair!"), especially since I tend to be rather inconspicuous at school. I had my pictures taken with my friends, drank non-alcoholic beverages, danced with my friends. The dancing part was hard to have fun with. Everyone else was horribly drunk, and "grinding", no one smelled like he and/or she was wearing deodorant, people kept running me over (and I had to be 6'4" in my shoes)... it was generally pretty unenjoyable. On the way out, we all picked up giftbags with deodorant (how thoughtful!), a picture frame, and a keychain. We hopped back in the limo, had a struggle with a bottle of apple cider, and got back to Point A. I changed out of my gown and into my "after prom" stuff, and bummed a ride from a friend to school (at 1 in the morning... lovely).

"After Prom" would have been very enjoyable had it not been for sleep-deprivation and drunks. I won a gladiator match against a friend, sucked at throwing myself against a velcro-wall, excessively beat my same friend at a bungie run (where we were tied to bungie-cords on a big balloon track and tried to see who could get farther before being snapped back), and stuffed $21 worth of 1 dollar bills into my bra in the money pit. I also raced two friends on tricycles! Cool.

My overall epiphany: I'm different. I learned last night/this morning that a lot of my friends are poison (I nearly cried in the limo about an argument over the radio station) (and this doesn't include you, Kelly). It's not as life-altering as realising that I've always been abused by my father, but it was a large slam to accept the fact that it can all happen again. When I get to college, I'm going to work harder than I ever have. Any free moment from study will be spent on my mum and brother, or with good friends doing healthy things. I refuse to party, club, drink, or have sex. Utterly refuse. I realised that many people I know consider those things to be signs of maturity, or amusement... I think they're all horribly juvenile and unappealing. I'll start a Finnegans Wake group, join a lot of clubs, take the hardest courses available, indulge in literature or art or music, but I will not lose myself in vulgarity, despite the amount of friends I lose. If prom wasn't fun for me, then "college life" will be worse unless I prepare myself to be entirely apathetic towards certain people. From now on, I will be more select about my friends, or have none at all! I will not be hurt by people like my father again, never no never.

I need to wash the spray and gel from my hair (I'm afraid there are still hidden pins, too... I counted about 70 last night) before church, but someone's doing the laundry, and that's using all of the water. I'll have to wait a little more, I suppose.

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