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[2005-05-15 @ 4:19 p.m.]

I need to pick a quote from one of the first five cantos of Dante's Inferno, and fast! I need to illustrate a quote on a poster for AP English... I'm thinking the coming of Beatrice to Virgil. What do you think? That one might be fun to paint!I think I should make it look pen-and-ink to give it that old-timey feel, and then use really watery acrylics (for minimal mixing and maximum fading) over it, and then tea-stain the whole thing. Make it look straight from the Book of Kells! Yeah!

Oooh... I could also paint a huge gate with that long quote that ends in, "Abandon every hope, ye who enter here," on the front of it! ...That's too easy.

Well... I'll start a couple studies based on my Bible magazines that are brimming with Biblical art before I decide. Though, any ideas are welcome!

Tomorrow's "Senior Skip Day", and I just happen to be sick today, and could possibly remain sick tomorrow! Everyone's going to the beach, but I'm far too pale and anti-social to go. I don't feel like going to school and sitting in empty classrooms. And I really do have a nasty throat. So I might as well sit at home and clean and paint. And Colonial House is on tonight! Yipee!

Mmm, eventually, though, I'll have to get my school stuff out of the back of Mum's car...

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