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[2005-05-16 @ 10:04 a.m.]

...it'd be funny to have an email address called "bigmic"... offensive... but funny! It'd work better if I were more Scottish, then it could be "bigmac" and people might get the joke. But, as it stands, I'm Irish.

It's better than being English.

KIDDING! Of course, deprecation of a nationality from those of the nationality is rather destructive for morale... as evidenced in Daniel Deronda. Y'know, Mr. Lapidoth? Maybe not.

And this is how I spend my "Senior Skip Day"? Sitting at my computer, chuckin' insults at the saxons? Well, as I predicted yesterday, I am actually sick. My throat feels like I swallowed a scouring pad. I hate it when my throat goes sore right where my jaw is, and it feels like a weight in my ears and mouth. It's the worst sore-throat to have, it is! So, I'm working on my Dante poster. I drew Virgil last night, in the style of those manuscripts during the Middle Ages. You know the kind-- poorly drawn with strange idealisations by elongating the cheeks and making eyes too large and lips too small. I based it on a really old portrait of him, probably from around Dante's time, and now I want to draw him more realistically, just to see how he'd look. It'll take some research, though! Yay!

And then I'd need to find a good couple of pictures to pick features for Beatrice, and then actually pick a quote from that area. Fun! I love projects!

And while I'm thinking of it, I need to fit in my ten minutes of acting homework-- walking around in my high heels and practicing my pageant stuff. *grumble* The things I do for the theatre. By the way, don't ever put vaseline/petroleum jelly in your mouth. Just, just don't.

Wow, this has been a terribly trivial entry, hasn't it? No deeper thoughts than petroleum jelly, or the size of Virgil's mouth. However, I would, on the topic of The Inferno, like to note that if I were Guido Cavalcanti, I'd be rather angry at Dante. Not only was he horribly criticised, but Dante condemned Guido's father to the Sixth Circle with the Heretics! ...wow...

I really like that book. It's an allegory I can stand, just because it's so very perfect. Dante had to have thought quite a bit about every single punishment for every single sin that was the ideal response. I don't, theologically, believe in Purgatory or Limbo. I don't think believers spend eternity repenting their sins, nor do I believe, necessarily, that un-baptised children and people who had never heard of God are punished for their misfortune. Firstly, children are never held accountable by God until they come of age, and secondly, I don't think that God is so unfair that He'd deny His light to people who never had the chance to chose Him or not. I think the faithful, children, and animals go to heaven, sinners go to hell, but as to where the ignorant would go I haven't yet decided. What would make sense is that they roam the earth to witness Christianity before the return of Christ, and then their fate is decided... but I'd have to look up evidence in the Bible. Also, I don't think Jewish people before the coming of Christ were denied heaven, that's ridiculous.

Wow. I should stop while I'm ahead. Speaking of religion, yesterday at Church we took Communion because it was supposedly the Feast of the Pentecost, but the Pastor talked about how Pentecost Sunday takes place 50 days after the end of Passover. It's only been 30 days or so, which doesn't make sense! She also told us that Jesus couldn't have been crucified on Good Friday, because just count: from Friday night to Saturday night, from Saturday night to... Sunday morning? That's not three days! His Last Supper had to take place on Tuesday before Passover, and he was killed Wednesday and buried before nightfall because Passover was about to begin. Now count: Wednesday night to Thursday night (1), Thursday night to Friday night (2), Friday night to Saturday night (3), Sunday morning. That means that the bread Jesus broke wasn't matzah, because it wasn't yet Passover, and most original Bible texts call it, "loaf bread". His bread was risen, just as He rose from the Cross! Cool, huh?

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