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Wasn't it the truth I told yah, lots of fun at Finnegan's wake!
[2005-06-08 @ 4:15 p.m.]

I do have work to do, but I have to spend a little time in here. Because there's been a lot that's happened.

So, this past weekend I went to Pennsylvania. Yep. Hershey Park. I stayed in a hotel in Baltimore that had really nice complimentary shampoo and conditioner... that easily fit into my handbag... It was fun. I went with my orchestra group for a competition. We left on Friday night, took a six-hour ride in two crowded buses (with a stop at a Taco Bell in Fredericksburg, VA). We competed the next morning in Penn., and went to the park until nine. We swept the competition, and won every award we possibly could have, included the Coup d'Esprit-- the best overall, and there were about thirty groups there. Not bad, not bad! We left Baltimore the next morning, and stopped at Tyson's Corner #2 in DC. Tyson's is a huge shopping mall complete with a Sacs Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. I only saw about half of it in the two hours we stayed... one fourth of that time was spent scarfing down the extra chicken given to me from the Asian food place. That guy really piled my plate. And then we got home in time for me to do some drama homework and stuff.

And, no, I didn't eat much chocolate. I had one thin little Hershey's bar, the kind you buy at the grocery for $.50... but I paid a whole dollar for it. And I got an itty-bitty sample of a Take5. It was tasty, but short-lived. Not once did I eat a single Hershey's Kiss. Not once. And I waited for two hours in line for their new ride... that lasted for 20 seconds. But, it went from 0 mph to 73 mph in 3 seconds. I had whiplash like no tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I tied for the highest overall grade in AP English with one other person... but I'm not quite sure. That's still pretty special. I feel so smart! I also won the award for best French 5 student, which is pretty grand as well. I'm just overall a pretty spiffy student, I suppose (and so modest, too!)... not really. I'm not feeling very confident lately... and I feel slightly apathetic towards my lack of confidence. Like I'm my own comfortable spectator. That has to have a classification.

...I must be feeling unconfident... I keep using ellipses...

I feel like enjoying more kinetic movement than the tip-tap of fingers on keys. I might just go vacccuum the living-room. Or skydive. ...I have a feeling that the first is the winner... pooh...

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