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Michael Jackson's innocence is as plain as the nose on his face.
[2005-06-14 @ 9:42 a.m.]

Happy Flag Day.

That bit of patriotism out of the way, it's amazing how they let people like Michael Jackson walk away from the crimes he's committed in this country. OJ Simpson was bad enough, but I consider crimes against a child worse than murder. And I'm sorry, but Jackson is as guilty as sin. Maybe the mother was in the wrong too, but that doesn't change the fact that the boy was molested, and it doesn't make Michael Jackson innocent.

Kelly Ripa on Live this morning so beautifully pointed out, "What kind of a mother lets her child sleep with another adult in that adult's bed?" Well, that's nice, but what kind of adult lets a child sleep in his bed? And I know, Michael Jackson had a terrible childhood, but he's no longer a child. My father used that excuse for his abuse once too, "It's because my dad hurt me." Well, that doesn't make up for all the pain I've been caused, or all the pain those children at Neverland went through.

Had he been any average everyday Joe Schmo letting children sleep in his bed, giving children alcohol, with the excuse of a bad childhood and claimed clean hands, he would have been convicted. But it's Michael Jackson, sweet, troubled little Michael Jackson. So, of course he was acquitted.

He'll get his Judgement Day, eventually. It's reassuring to know that our justice system can be made into a circus at any given point, that a jury can be "razzle-dazzled" from the truth, and that Justice isn't blind. I'm just wondering why the prosecution even attempted proving conspiracy when they knew it would sound silly, and how the jury could be so blinded with the defense's name-calling instead of defense.

Gah, this makes me so mad. And innocent children weren't only hurt, but blamed.

Well... I'm going shopping today...? I need a new pair of shoes for graduation. And mum needs a new outfit for graduation. And stuff. It's hard to imagine that high school is over, and college is beginning. Vell, I've gotsa go and prepare myself for public.

Title's from some Night show... I don't know which. Pick a major news corporation, anyone you want... Actually, it may have been Letterman.

Diaryland, I love you.

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