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[2005-07-03 @ 9:49 p.m.]

So, I typed for about a half an hour about how much I hate college, and then backspaced it all to spare you.

It's because I care.

Anyway, I'm still trying to think of a diary template I want. Themes, colours, something. Maybe something...Waterhouse... I dunno. I need to expand! I need to privatise. Economise. Industrialise. I am a Republican, after all.

I just realised I can finally carry a card! And join the College Republicans! Yay!

So. Yep. I just realised how very little I have to say. My mummy got me a Miss Army knife. It has a pillbox, a sewing kit, a flashlight, a perfume bottle, tweezers, a pen, scissors, a nail file, a ruler, a bottle opener, a screw-driver, a corkscrew, and, of course, a knife. And it fits into the palm of my hand. It's flippin' sweet.

So, I had too much to eat at dinner, drank a Diet Pepsi, and now I'm hungry again. Betcha didn't know that caffiiene is a hunger inducer. It is. Chewing gum also makes you hungry, because the chewing motion of the jaws prepares the body for food... or something... my mum told me, she's a dietician. I could eat cheese. Then I wouldn't be hungry, and there're no carbs in cheese.

Now I remember what I wanted to talk about. D'you remember that Shakespeare play I auditioned for at the community college, and got callbacks for, then callbacks were terrible for me? Well, I saw the play on tv today, "Two Gentlemen of Verona"... they set it in the 1950s. With poodle dresses and the like. If I had gotten a part, I would have quit, because there is no way on earth I would have butchered Shakespeare like that. Meyerhold would have had a heart-attack at callbacks, with the way the director would periodically change words in the script, and the actors' timing was off a lot during the performance. I would have been ashamed to have been in it, to tell you the truth.

And I hate to badmouth art, because there is a space for interpretation, and if every Shakespeare play was done the same way, there'd be no point in producing it at all. However, there's a line between having fun and destroying a classic. And I call that line Masterpiece Theatre. You know the ones. "Othello". "Dr. Zhivago". "Coupling".

Kidding on the last one. By the by, PBS in my area got rid of "Coupling" and I'm quite distraut. Right at the end of the third season, just two episodes before Patrick declares his love to Sally and Susan finds out she's pregnant, they cut me off. For EastEnders. Sob.

I'm next going to start reading Vanity Fair by Thackeray since Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge. Exciting.

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