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[2005-07-12 @ 8:32 p.m.]

So, guess who's going to a Harry Potter pre-release party at the age of eighteen? Me! I'm not planning to take the butterbeer out of the mouths of the youth, though. I just want a book! I wonder if I can finish off Vanity Fair by then... it's such an entertaining novel. Very cynical. Very grand!

I'll never finish it if I don't pull myself away from the PS2. My brother loves videogames, and normally I only play them myself if he asks me to. So sometimes I play Halo 2 with him, or Elderscrolls or Fable or Rachet and Clank or Zelda or something. But not often, and during short amounts of time. Just because nothing's ever really drawn me in like a book or good movie can. Well, I don't know what possesed me to play Final Fantasy X2 in the first place, but I can't stop! You've gotta love a videogame whose premise consists entirely of finding the best dresses and accessories. It's such a girly game. So, my suggestion to all videogame makers, aim for the female audience, too!

I ran errands with my mum today, and was stopped, like, eight million kazillion times with questions aimed at my height. Am I that much of a freak, being 6'1"? You'd think I'd grown a second head. But I still had fun with my mummy! Yay!

Aaaand... I'm gonna go play Final Fantasy. But not before I share a picture I drew!

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Title's from Will and Grace.

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