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I can't think of a quote for this title! O! unhappy day!
[2005-07-13 @ 2:00 p.m.]

I straightened my hair, just to see how long it is, and it's about halfway down my back already! Super cool. When I let it curl, though, it's quite a bit shorter. Ahh, c'est la vie. En parlant de français, j'ai mangé du fromage de... goat... de chèvre pour le déjeuner.

And vintage Irish chedder and aged smoked gouda and British... something or other... A marbled Derby. On crackers. I really like cheese. Yes.

My mum's bottle of Beach from Bobbi Brown that she ordered at Nordstrom the other day broke in the mail, and now the whole house smells like it. My theory was to just put on some Coppertone, because that's all it smells like. And it doesn't cost $30 for a bottle! A'course, Inis is much much much more expensive, and for much cheaper I could just bottle dirty beach water to get the same effect. But it's not as fun... and you'd get sunburned and all sortsa nasty stuff. Nordstrom is sending her another.

Did you know that in Scottish Gaelic, chocolate is pronounced "chocolate" but spelled "teoclaid"? And orange is pronounced "orange" but spelled "orainds"? Cool. Gaelic and gaeilge are fun!

How very non sequitur this entry has become!

So, I don't know what I want to draw next, but I have a hankerin' to pick up a pencil. Any ideas? Anybody? My brother suggested I draw something from FFX-2 since I play it far too often for my own good, so unless somebody gives me some ideas, I'll be working on a more Asian style than I'm used to. See, I know I can draw realism (go back an entry), but I want to work on cartoons like I used to. I really like the illustration style of whatshisface... the guy who works for Lemony Snicket... Brett Helquist. I think that's how you spell it... well, I want to try some of that. I did a very angular drawing for the posters and stuff of the play I directed, I might post that on here to see if you guys can find room for improvement. I also want to try really rounded characters, like Disney ones. I was gonna try Mulan or something, since I love that movie, and Mushu's a tuffie to draw. I drew Ratchet and Clank for my brother, and that came out well, but lacking in some respects... mostly in the face, though I really did well with the shading, I think. So I need to keep working. I think videogame character drawing is a good idea, though, because each one is stylised, and they're all easily accessible. Like, on my brother's shelf accessible.

But, I'll take requests!

K. I've got to go clean. And play Final Fantasy. But cleaning comes first.

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