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[2005-07-22 @ 6:56 p.m.]

Ahh... fall is always my favourite time for fashion. Mascara is out, natural eyes are in (Vogue calls it "Vermeer"... how haute!). Good ol' English knickers and schoolgirl jackets are popular, with bright flats or classic pumps (very cricket!). Brown leather belts and purses, worn in like stool-seats at Dublin pubs. Natural hair, no greasy curls but waves, no dry stick-straight hair but volume. Boleros and gauchos (but not together, that's overkill!), and even white tights with a pair of Chucks. How very UK! I love the deep greens and browns and blues, and the modesty! Yay for modesty!

Sorry, I'm very excited over the new styles. Now if I go shopping, everything's going to look hideous in the stores, and I'll come home and write a nasty entry about the state of fashion.

So I heard from my mum that a man was shot outside of a London tube five times by the police. Reports from people in the underground say that the man was seen with wires sticking from his belt as he broke into a dead run for the doors of the tube, blantantly ignoring demands from the police. The doors were being held open by an accomplice, who had even held up the train, and I even heard something about the man grabbing a passenger and pole inside the train for protection. I don't see how it can be racial-profiling since he's described as "Asian-looking", and since the police followed him from his house, they must have had some kind of tip. I think it was the right action. Imagine if he had lived, and set off a bomb. People would be more upset that the police hadn't done everything in their power to stop him. I think that if someone disobeys an order, and puts another life into danger (taking hold of a passenger), he needs to be stopped. In America, there would be a huge to-do, mad protests, and marches on Washington. On BBC, it gets a non-bolded title in the corner of the news site. They mean business.

I love the English.

So, even more exciting that getting out of wearing mascara next season, don't you just love the new Kotex packaging? What would be even better is if they got rid of a reason for buying the stuff! 'Cause I hate this time of the month! Yay for Midol! Though, during the first day of the week-long excursion from happiness, my writhing in agony isn't usually too relieved by painkillers. Sorry to say.

I need to think of some artwork to make for my dorm. I hate white walls. Unless it's offset by mahoghany in missionary style and sheer window treatments. I don't think I should have roommate problems so long as there's no cell usage at 2 in the morning. And no closet raids. And no guys overnight (because it's allowed at my college, brilliant). And no alcohol. And I like to sleep in the cold and have noise when I study. And I read a lot. And I don't talk. Or go to parties under the guise of "meeting up at so-and-so's room". I will, however, accept pizza. Pizza is good.

I don't want to go to college. I want to stay here in my comfy chair watching my brother play Halo 2 and listen to my mum talk about EastEnders and sales and makeup and patterns and D&G and stuff. And I want my brother to ramble on about Square Enix and Ratchet and Captain Qwark and the downfall of Nintendo so we can speculate on Zelda and M. Night and Asian interior design and call our pet dogs "Gippal 1 and 2" and incessantly sing that "Be A Man" song from Mulan because it's always stuck in my head. And I want to complain about the large wads of dog hair wafting on the breeze from Gippals 1 and 2, and tell them about William Makepeace Thackeray and talk about what I dislike about allegorical writing but then mention numerous exceptions to those feelings and just watch their big eyes stare at me, begging for Beggin' Strips. I don't want to try to listen to myself concentrate on Thomas Hardy over the loud screeches of my cellmate (roommate, sorry) on her phone to her boyfriend at 1 in the morning and wish it was the weekend. The only retribution is that David Copperfield and the Chieftains and all sortsa people are coming to perform there, and I get tickets for under 20 bucks. Though, what's that compared to the misery I'll experience during the rest of the year?

I guess that's about it. My brother wants to see me play a video game, and I want to save the people in the Calm Land Caves from Yojimbo (eeevil), so I'm off!

Title's from Fairly Oddparents. Wandissimo Magnifico. One of my favourite characters. He and his eight magical fingers.

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