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After all, what is a fine lie? Simply that which is its own evidence.
[2005-07-27 @ 11:15 a.m.]

How is it 71 in San Francisco, but it's 110 in Virginia? How is that fair? In Virginia, it's either too hot or too cold, no medium. At least San Francisco will eventually fall off into the ocean, so Viriginia will have the last laugh!

That's really all I had to say. That's pretty pathetic. Everything else is a college complaint.

My mum's giggling over something on BBC1 radio. A girl yesterday sent in a picture of herself in a bikini, and one of the djs asked her to a bar despite her overly protective boyfriend. Now they're asking for callers who'd seen them together last night to get them in trouble. I was looking to listen in yesterday, so I went digging through the stations in iTunes (I'm far too lazy to go to bbc.com, I'd rather dig through hundreds of heavy metal stations first). I ended up stuck on a J-Pop station with an enormous headache. Though, gotta hand it to J-Pop, I was very bouncy for awhile. It's like a caffiene and helium high at the same time! Then you crash. And all I wanted was the smooth sound of UK alternative and angsty Brits.

I hate Dial handsoap. It makes my hands really dry, and I'm using up all of my lotion on them.

Oh no, the dj called in sick this morning. Since there are no witnesses to the bar scene, there's speculation they never went out at all. Oh my.

Hmm... I need to start growing my clovers. My mum used to keep some potted, but I don't know whatever happened to them. I need to see about salvaging the bamboo in the kitchen. I think it's getting ignored. Its dead leaves need cut off, and it needs some watering and a little more sunlight. I know bamboo doesn't need much tlc, but I somehow think it's being ignored. My brother's planning on growing his own bonsai, that's a pretty big project for me though.

People in Denver are wearing jackets! LUCKY! 59? Hmph. Not fair. I should stop watching the Weather Channel. It's potentially dangerous, may start another Civil War.

I wonder if I chain myself to the foundations of the house if I can get out of going to college... I'm not really looking forward to it, to be honest. I love education, I love learning, I love expanding... I hate sharing a hallway with overgrown intoxicated high schoolers. I want to stay with my mum and brother and just commute, but that's not a choice. I've got weekends to come home, and I can busy myself during the weeks with clubs and auditions, but... I'd rather be at home. I thought I'd be dealing with more mature people, but they're just high schoolers with parents in higher tax brackets. If anything, they're less mature because of a lack of rules (freedom?).

Well, on that low note, I'm off. My laptop battery is low, and I'm getting kinda hungry...

Title's an Oscar Wilde quote, from the quickie "The Decay of Lying: A Protest". Funny stuff, funny stuff.

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