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[2005-07-29 @ 12:06 p.m.]

Aww, they're playing Duran Duran on BBC1. Cute. My brother's favourite DDR song.

City water smells like rotten eggs today. I blow-dried my hair to get rid of the stench, but now I look like Hermione and smell faintly of dead birds. So, the "evaporation technique" didn't quite work. But, I get to go shopping today! Yay!

Oh, speaking of "watching over lucky clover", my clovers are ready to plant. I might just do that before lunch. And I need to put on my makeup, and do something about my poodle-head, and pick an outfit.

I've become determined to know as many languages as Pope John Paul II (is he the Great yet?). He knew 8 languages, right? Well, I know English and French. I want to know Chinese, Irish, Hebrew, Greek, Japanese, and... I'm between Arabic and Russian. I'm thinking Arabic so I can go to Egypt. Well, I was contemplating it last night, what I wanted to do with my future, and I love acting and literature. I want to do something in those fields to make a name for myself, all the while travelling and helping people. I think that Hollywood sucks (how wonderfully eloquent), and I want to do what Mel Gibson does, or Angelina Jolie (though I do think she's a bit of a crazy). They have leverage in their names, and I want to be able to make a real impact. And I don't just want to donate, because that's important, but empty. I want to become involved, do missionary-type work. I was blessed with my place in the world, and what to help others have a place too.

I hate college. Just letting you know. I already know I hate it. A week was enough for me. Now I'm done. Can't I just pull a Deronda and travel around with the money for tuition to get an education? I think I'd learn more. I feel like a rubber band stretched to its limits... I'm ready to get a move on, to see the world, and to start a career, but I'm stuck in a college, away from my family, amongst the most asanine juveniles I've seen since... high school... IT'S NOT FAIR!!! Poopie.

POOPIE!!!!! (Speaking of asanine juveniles...)

K. I really need to do something with my hair. Au revoir.

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