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[2005-07-30 @ 11:28 a.m.]

My brother got his hair cut yesterday. It looks so British now! He also looks just like Harry Potter again, except with lighter hair. He's got glasses, green eyes, British hair... I remember when Harry Potter first became a movie, my brother used to wear round glasses, and people came up to him in stores and asked if he was "the kid in the Harry Potter movie, and why did you dye your hair?" Nevermind the fact that Daniel Radcliff wouldn't frequent a grocery store in suburban Viriginia, but it was still very entertaining.

Weeell. We also stopped by Dillards and Sears and every videogame store there, and my mum and I found three seasons of Coupling and Finding Neverland all on dvd for $30 (the cost of any single season of Coupling). So now I can get my Coupling fix even if they took it off PBS! YAY! I was going to watch some on my laptop, but I can't pick an episode. Pathetic, really. My brother also got Pikmin 2 onsale, which he's playing right now. I'm disgruntled with my game, Final Fantasy X because I'm almost finished with it, and I don't want... to... finish it. But I can't stop playing because it's really like a soap opera! And Seymour's not dead, and he captured Yuna and she can't marry him because he's dead like Auron and that's really just creepy and then she couldn't marry Tidus but even if she could he has to go back to Zanarkand because he's gone in the next game! It doesn't matter because once I do finish, I have the sequel, but I'm not willing to let go. It's so addicting...

Speaking of, I think my staying up late reading is not only affecting my sleep pattern, but my health. It's your fault, George Eliot, for my sore throat and cough and bagged eyes! In any case, I haven't accomplished anything this summer. I haven't even practiced any instruments or learned any languages, or anything. It's one thing to study the works of another, a different thing entirely to make your own work. My sketching, my music, my French have all fallen by the wayside. And I just sit typing away serenely in this little box about Final Fantasy and Coupling and George Eliot. Bah. I noticed that when I type about things I want to do, or will do, I get far more comments than when I type about things I've done in leisure, because everyday observations will always be made on a day-to-day basis, and the larger scale future will always be perplexing in its speculation. The people love speculation!

I have no idea what I'm talking about. I need to think of a title so I can get off of here and not do anything of benefit to mankind! It's turning out like "the summer of George", where I planned to do everything I've ever wanted to accomplish, and ended up in front of the tv.

Diaryland, I love you! (I accidentally clicked back on a button, and my entry was kept!) (YAY!) Quote's from Coupling.

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