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[2005-07-31 @ 12:22 p.m.]

My throat is sore. And the weather is bad. And I had a dream that for some reason I had to convince people in a lunch queue that Sir John Everett Millais and François La Rochefoucauld were the same person. Which, in hindsight, can't really be backed by much evidence at all, considering that one was a 17th century French author and cynicist (it can be a profession, you know), and the other a 19th century English artist. I wonder what Freud would say.

I need to do my laundry. Can't go anywhere in my pajamas, now can I? Well, yes, I suppose I can, but it wouldn't be a very fetching statement. My mum's taking my brother and I to a luncheon with some of the people on a nutrition council she holds a position in. I'm taking it as an excuse to get dressed up (heels! yay!). And we're going shopping soon for school stuff, and... I don't remember what else. Anyway, my mum loves this council. She said she's meeting a lot of really nice people there, and she's really getting a name for herself. Very handsome doctors I hear!

I feel really guilty that I'm neglecting my internet buddies. I need to start emailing people back, because shopping trips and videogames and Sir John Everett Millais are not excuses for a lack of communication. And certainly Rochefoucauld would frown upon it!

He sort of frowned upon everything though. I don't understand why people want to make themselves so unhappy by trying to understand the human race. Of course you're going to find fault! Only in literature do you find Macbeths with remorse, or Byronic heroes who are actually heroes, or any form of Don Quixote, unless you look for the good in people. But if you look for comprehension, you tend to overlook that good because the bad is bitter. And in some people... most people... there isn't any good to be seen. And in my humble 18 years of experience, I've learned that you've got to just smile when you're forced to deal with these people, deal with them quickly, and then put them from your mind.

Like Will Rogers once said, "Diplomacy is the art of saying, 'Nice doggy,' until you can find a rock."

Not that I'd want to hit many people with a rock. I can think of a few. Like Tom Cruise. I'd love to hit him with a rock. Can't he handle his midlife crisis with dignity? Of course not, that's impossible for men. He has to run around with someone half his age and twice his height and make abusive remarks toward women who depend on medication to keep themselves from purposefully running their own cars into rivers. Because he's the almighty Tom Cruise, he thinks he knows how to handle rearing children with the greatest of ease! Well, he does take his kids out to baseball games when the cameras are nearby, doesn't he?

And I wonder when Britney Spears will realise that a red string and a bottle of water has nothing to do with Jewish mysticism...

And, by the way, I'm tired of people who forsake God with the excuse that He's forsaken them. Give me a break. If you can't get the Almighty God to like you, maybe you're the one with the problem, huh? Considering the fact that God is loving, accepting, and forgiving, I can't imagine that too many people can constantly stay on his bad side unless they're trying to aim for an 11 hour confession. In which case, you're going to die in your 10th. You can't openly defy God your entire life and expect to convert just before you die, because without God's protection, you will be taken before you can do anything about it. Get over yourselves! Stop complaining that God ignores you while you break every one of His easy-to-follow laws! Sorry. I was prompted by some livejournals to share that with you. It was all grating on my nerves, and I can't just say it nicely too much longer. These people aren't just insulting me, but themselves.

Don't want to start a row with everyone who reads this, though, so I'd best repress my frustrations with one of those smiles I mentioned earlier. Let God handle it and focus on other things. Like learning Chinese so I can go to China and help stop the female oppression! And learning Japanese to stop Japanese employers' aggression! And learning Irish to honour my ancestry! And Hebrew to stop the conflict in the Holy Land! And continue my French so I can read Rochefoucauld! And... yes!

Title's from Coupling. The episode where Sally declared her love for Patrick and he declared her a lesbian. Funny!

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