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[2005-08-06 @ 4:20 p.m.]

I had a thought while I was watching America's Next Top Model. I've seen a lot of Christians talk about things, and blame the Lord. You see, one woman kept saying, "I won't pose nude. My religion won't allow that." I'm not saying she should pose nude, because she shouldn't, but that statement makes it sound like she'd like to, but can't.

If you think about it, our religion doesn't prohibit us from anything, because we decided to follow it. If that woman really wanted to pose nude, then she could. But she chooses to follow the word of God, so it's not her religion that stops her from immorality, it's her morals, her having picked God's laws. I just think that it makes God unhappy to blame Him for protecting us, just like if I were a parent, I'd be kind of upset that my kids said, "I can't smoke crack because my mum won't let me." I'd want them to say, "I can't smoke crack because it's the wrong thing to do." It sets a better example for others just like God wants his children to do, and shows just how very faithful you are. But, it was just a thought.

Umm, beyond that, I haven't much to say. It was just something I wanted to get off my chest, I guess. We're all going shopping tomorrow. For dorm stuff. Super. At least it's shopping!

So. I'm gonna do some diary maintenance. I have to refresh links, and add art, and redo the archives before I change the layout. I NEED TO CHANGE THE LAYOUT! I'll take anything at this point, but first I have to make the content bareable before I update the look. It's all about substance! Or, at least that's what I tell myself. It's a reassuring mantra while I apply my makeup.

Golly, I'm hungry! And I suddenly sound very cynical! I don't like being cynical. It's such a downer! God made me look this way for a reason. For some reason I've got an English bump on my nose with an Irish hugeness at the end. And until I discover that reason, God also made highlights and bronzers to make it less noticeable! Yay for insecurity!

Title's from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. My brother claims I have a voice just like Hilary's. And it didn't help that I was in the middle of discussing my reasoning behind not riding a rollercoaster alone. Because you have to wait in line while people stare at you like a freak, and then you get seperated into the "singles" line, and have to sit next to a fat, smelly, unseemly Trekkie and no thanks!

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