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I can't hear you! I said, can we get a little James Brown?!?
[2005-08-08 @ 11:32 a.m.]

You people need to update your gosh darned diaries. Because I certainly have nothing to say, so I might as well keep up with what others say!

Right now I'm watching something on the world's most deadly creatures on Animal Planet. It makes me glad I didn't eat any breakfast. Though I'm really upset that I'm too lazy to reach for the clicker. That's right, I call it the clicker! And if I were French, I'd call it le zappeur! Doesn't matter, there's nothing on in the mornings on Nickelodeon. That's right, I watch Nickelodeon! And if I were French... wait, what?

Eew, sewer rats. Nice close-ups on the fat build-ups down there. Yum. That makes me so very hungry.

You know what, those new Pokémon annoy me. Well, they're not new at all, but the ones outside of the original 150. Like, Pichu. Pichu was like that stupid little blond cousin on The Brady Bunch-- they brought him in for higher ratings (based on "cuteness factor") with dire consequences. Suddenly, Pikachu was a second-level pokémon and just wasn't as cute as he used to be. So it quickly became pointless that Ash wanted to keep him from levelling up into Raichu, because he's already ugly! And how could Professor Oak not realise there was such a thing as a Pichu? He only raised those original four-- Bulbasaur, Charmander, Pikachu, and Squirtle-- as unevolved! And then Togepi came along and just dashed Psyduck's hopes and dreams, and we all had to hate Misty for being so mean.

Gah. The things I think about sometimes... I swear, I haven't seen that show for a decade, and yet I remember oh-so-much. I don't even know what prompted it. But, gotta be honest, I'm taking my stuffed squirtle to college with me. I first got it that week when my brother went to the hospital for diabetes, and he got a charmander one. So, it's comin' with me!

ICK! Mosquitos! I hate mosquito close-ups. The other day I found a dead mosquito on my arm, and its tube thing was still in my arm. It even stuck when I brushed it away, just the tube, so I had to get that out, and then it left a scabbed hive that's taking its time to go away. So, they carry malaria, and have the highest human-killing rate of the living world. Again, I'm just so very hungry.

Guess I'd better go. Fairly Oddparents is on. I love that show. I can actually draw the characters pretty well! I was surprised! So I drew them every place I could find!

Title's from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Tee hee!

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