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Give thanks for the broth of the sea!
[2005-08-16 @ 9:19 a.m.]

Gah. One more day. I don't wanna go to college! I'm gonna miss staying up all night joking with my brother, and getting up early to joke with my mum. I guess it's not any different from high school-- no time for fun over the week, but on the weekends are cartoons and video games and family time. Only difference is I'm 40 minutes away from home. And classes aren't as often. And I won't be so inclined to do my laundry.

I still need a bunch of stuff. I don't have a car to go and get it while I'm there tomorrow, so I need to get it all today. I really just want to sit my butt in front of the tv with my brother and have a gaming marathon. I'll even play Halo 2 with him. Even though I suck at it. (I did win "Oddball" once! By a literal second! Muahaha!)

I'm blessed that I'm even going... right? Poopie. I hate college.

Title's from one of the funniest Iron Chef episodes I've ever seen. A stirring, beautiful homage (complete with a moving compilation of softened footage) to oysters (or was it clams?), the miraculous and decadent broth of the sea. I cried, it was so funny.

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