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Second Week
[2005-09-01 @ 7:52 p.m.]

When did life become so hard?

The hurricane hit, and instead of man banding together, man pits against man. Killing and theft on top of loss and pain is a slap in the face to one's own race, and we call ourselves civilised?

So I come to my dorm room to cool off from a very stressful set of classes and draw a big picture of Abu from Aladdin, but don't know what colour his vest is. I type "Abu" into Google, and instead I see the Abu Ghraid prison pictures, and almost vomited.

Gas prices are now so high that I won't be able to see my family every weekend, and my mum, brother, gammie, and two pet dogs are my bestest friends (sometimes only friends) on this whole wide world. I'm only forty minutes away, but I still feel so lonely here, and so seperated from all the things I love. I don't understand the concept of "independence" as other college freshmen do. I felt more independent with people who cared about me right there with me than I do with "authority" gone.

And I feel like the world's only going to get worse. And I wanted so much to help other people in my life, but I'm really starting to hate everyone. And to be thrust into a new situation makes it all the harder. At least I'm blessed enough to have an education handed to me, and emerge from it debt-free and ready for a future, but I feel more than just home-sick. Home-sickness occurs when the familiar is taken away. I'm just sick in my heart. And all I want to do is play Halo 2 with my brother, or go shopping with my mother, and go to class now and again.

We're not supposed to let the world weigh on our shoulders, but instead take it to God. I guess I've just gotta let it all go, and finish reading Gilgamesh before Lit tomorrow. My partner for acting class never stopped by. What a shame. Probably went to the strip poker tournament upstairs. Which is why it's so quiet all of a sudden...

Promise I'll reply to notes. I really hafta do homework.

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