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[2005-09-09 @ 10:44 a.m.]

The light! The light!

2:00 this morning I had to go to sleep. 2:00 this morning it finally got quiet. I normally wake up at 6. Do you see my predicament? Do you see why I dislike it here? I haven't read The Illiad. I swore to myself before I came that I'd spend all my time studying. I'm a bad seed, I guess.

So, I woke up at 8. Took a looooong shower. Checked every diary or journal or email or forum I care about for a little while. Didn't read The Illiad. Replied to some stuff. Got dressed and put on make-up in five minutes (five minutes, I'll swear to it), and ate breakfast. It's nice to be in a quiet room. But why can't it be quiet at night? I don't mind people in the morning. It's at midnight that I get annoyed.

But there's a nice religious group on campus that meets Thursday nights and sings my favourite songs. That cheered me up considerably. And made me very homesick for my church. But at least I know about half the campus feels the same way as I do! I went to a campus club meeting for College Republicans. Mai oh mai, it was bo-rin'. Nothin' better than budget information for forty-five minutes during your afternoon. But, at least I'm involved... right?

I wanna go home... it's Family Weekend. Why can't I spend my weekend with my family? The weekends here are so long. Maybe I'll get to catch up on my work then, and update this diary's look a little. I have an exam in Theatre Tech, and don't know the proportions of lumber yet. (Did I tell you I now work with power tools? Yup. I do. And Michael Crawford and the NY Pops is coming on Monday, and I get to hang lights this afternoon! YAY! Maybe I can work backstage or something for the David Copperfield show in January...) But I do know how to use a ruler. Aren't you excited? What a tangent! I miss my mum and my brother. I spend, like, an hour every night typing stories to my brother, and he never reads them.

Did you know Tidus is pronounced "Teedus"? 'Cuz, it's like, Japanese and stuff. And in Japanese, "Ti'idus" means sun and "Yu'una" means moon (awww, how cute!). Or, that's what I heard at least. Yep. So, then, like, then, so why does Gippal rhyme with "nipple" instead of sounding like "Geepal"? And why does Vaan look like a woman? Some questions were never meant to be answered, I suppose. Why isn't Zeus pronounced "Zay-oos"? It just seems proper, doesn't it? Instead of "Zoos"? Well, I always assumed Tidus was "Tiedus" because it sounds like "tide" and he's into the water-scene. 'Cuz he's like, like a blitzer and stuff. And how that ties into Zoos and Geepal is beyond me, but I was just pondering.

And I thought the Danaans were of a Hellenic religion, not regular Greeks. So why does Homer use the term interchangeably if they're not the same? The way I was used to interpreting it, the Danaans were from the most eastern portions of Greece, and were slightly influenced by Eastern religion. And then they traveled to the lower regions of Italy, then to Spain, then to Ireland where they became the Tuatha de Danaan and expelled the Firbolgs. Which reminds me of Harry Potter. You know, the other day I was thinking about how much really want a FIrebolt just so I don't have to be late to English from Acting. It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Why am I so tangent-y today? My mind is an enigma, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing! ...I wanna blow some stuff up on Halo. Curse you, Family Weekend! Curse you!

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