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[2005-10-05 @ 10:36 p.m.]

I still have to read my buddy list, and I have lots of stuff to say. But not much time!

I missed some classes and have to email my teachers. Nothing major I hope, but I may have a midterm in my Acting class. To be safe, I'm going to study... everything. I mean, how much can there be to study in Acting?

Now I'm not even so sure about acting. In high school, I loved it, but I'm not sure it was always my main focus. I got here, and all of a sudden, studies in the field of acting seem futile... silly even! I suddenly feel like, "Why bother?" I'm not learning anything in the field, I'm not being educated for my money, I'm not motivated to success, the people are pretentious... and since I've gotten here, all I can think about is art. Or literature. But not acting.

Maybe I just need to let it settle a bit, to get used to it a little. Or maybe not. I don't know about anything anymore.

If I were to keep on my old track, I would become an actress. Here? For whom? The Virginia Stage Company?

I wouldn't mind becoming a concept artist or something. I've been drawing a lot. Not even just recreation, kind of like an unnatural drive to pick up a pencil. And always a video game character. Zelda came out really well, and I'm debating whether to draw Shiek or Link next to her. She's got a sword, like the concept for Twilight Princess... so I might have to do a Twilight Princess Link. Unless I draw the title for both Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time next to the respective characters... Anyway, so next will be either a study of the Metal Gear Solid technique (Snake in 4... not so hot) or anything Final Fantasy.

Because I love Square Enix.

See what I mean? That's not theatre! It's video games! I watch G4! I read the Frag Dolls' diaries! I make my brother new friends (fanboys) on Halo 2 when he's at school and I have time to break into his Gamertag! If I could make a career out of sitting, clicking, and pointing, then drawing, my life would be great.

I dunno.

My syntax and diction have gone down the toilet. Sorry about that.

I'm changing my layout soon. Expect a lot of Square Enix. (You know what? I like X-2. So what?) And then after that, expect some Dir en grey. Because J-Rock rocks my legwarmers.

I promise a better, far more intellectual entry later!

Title's from Fresh Prince.

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