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[2005-10-11 @ 10:23 a.m.]

Every single time I turn on the news, it's devastating. Then Oprah Winfrey feeds her amazingly large ego with stopping sexual predators. And while I agree that two off the streets is an improvement, people shouldn't treat her like God because she's doing something she should be doing anyway. She hands out some SUVs and people praise her, but she manages to have, what, nine multi-million dollar estates? The work she does for the everyday man is nothing to her. I'm just mad she gets more air-time than India.

So what's my solution? Listen to Asian Kung-Fu Generation and put off my five-page paper due tomorrow. Here's a good radio diary to visit and hear the music I wub. And the first person to find a "Just Like Eating Cheese" mp3, or even a place to buy the new Little by Little cd it's on from a site in a language I can actually read, is my best friend. *waits.... keeps waiting.... waaaiiiting...* I guess I'll just be lonely forever, then. Le sob.

I wish I could play Halo 2... Gammie's watching the USA network. I never watch that unless it's Monk. But Monk is such a delicious show. I haven't seen it in a while.

Tomorrow is Takeshi Kaga's 55th birthday.
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Rejoice! One day I shall be a guest judge on that show, sit in the seat of the regular simpering actress who says, "Oooh!" or "Ahh!"... and during the tasting uses polysyllables like, "Mmm, spicy!"

Heeey, I wonder what Spicy McHaggis is up to? As a matter of fact, I wonder what everyone at high school is up to. I think I was going to visit during this break... I guess I have another break to visit during. During which to visit. -ish. GAH! Grammar! Do you see why I'm avoiding my paper?

Uhmm... I'm still working on that layout...? Because this one scares me. Little too bright. I'm going orange. Like gatorade. Well, not that bright, either. Soft pinkish. With Tidus and Yuna! (Cue simpering actress voice, "Aww!") Right now it's sitting on my desktop. Bored. It wants to be made! Look at it! It's crying! Don't cry, layout, don't cry!

Oh! Oh! Oh! I figured out how to do snapshots of desktops! Looksie! Looksie!

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I read "Thousand and One Nights" in one night. Isn't that supposed to be impossible, technically speaking? I guess it's not when you have to write a paper on it. I'm starting it after lunch. Maybe between now and then, I can play some Halo. Every time I play, I use my brother's gamertag and make him fanbo... I mean, friends. It's so funny. One time I was playing, and before the game even started, one guy on my team was like, "I love you." I wanted to pull an Aeris and say, "I'm going to start wounding you now. I'm not sure when I'll stop." But instead, to be nice, I just said, bewildered, "I love you, too...?" He was nice, after all. And I think my brother made a few friends through him that have, erm, connections to Bungie. One of 'em claims to know Viggo Mortensen. Muahaha!

That's supposed to be a quiz. Don't know if it's working. I was Cortana. Try typing, "Which Halo 2 Character Are You?" and Liquidgeneration into Google.

Alrighty. This has been a perky entry.... Local elections are coming up, if you're not registered, register and vote. Please. Do it for Kaga. He'd want you to. And as a general bit of advice to everyone here, don't let the world weigh too heavily on your heart. God gives us all adversity in order to become closer to Him, and to help Him battle satan. It's not something to accept, or to mourn over, it's somethiing to embrace. But to do that, we have to remember that others will face problems, too.

Sorry for taking up all of your time. And new layout... I promise!

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