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[2005-11-23 @ 4:55 p.m.]

New layout coming soon, promise. Just some work on the links and font. I want to take a look at Radio Blog, because I'd love you guys to hear my music! I don't know that you'd much care for it, but I'd still love to share! (You can reassure me now.) (Or... not.)

I'm playing an FF marathon tonight. I've been going into game deprivation at school. Need... games... I stole my brother's GBA and played Minish Cap. Zelda! *twitch* I love Zelda! Link and Ganon and the Zora and the Gorons and the Kokiri and Epona and... yeah.

My brother's looking at Call of Duty 2. A preview opening of one of the first levels. It's sitting on the table right now, the actual game. The XBox 360. I think I got a cold waiting for it. I was out in the rain and freezing weather with no socks and soaking leather shoes... it's no surprise!

I'm so extreme. I can't wait to do it again for PS3. It was so funny to see a 5 minute time limit for the demo at stores. 5 minutes of heaven on the 360... too great. Only another month until I can play it!

I'M SUCH A GEEK! AAAAHHHHHHH! I listen to JRock and play video games! What's wrong with me? Why couldn't I be normal?

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FFXII!!!!!!!!111one!!! I can't wait for Final Fantasy XII. I really really really can't.

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Haha, Sora's a merman. How cute! I love Disney, I love Final Fantasy, I love Sora's hair, combine them all, and you get Kingdom Hearts. Specifically, 2.

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Ninety-Nine Nights. Other 360 games I can't wait for: Oblivion, FFXI, and Oblivion. And Oblivion.

Okees, sorry for the lacklustre entry, just wanted to remind everyone that I'm still alive. All images courtesy of IGN.

Title's from Avatar.

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