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[2005-12-20 @ 1:02 p.m.]

Uhm... my layout isn't working on a windows, and I don't feel like messing with it too much. Sigh. I'll find something easier later. It's supposed to be Yuna hugging Tidus at the end of Final Fantasy X-2. Which is my favourite series of games ever. Because it just is. And X my favourite installment. Yes, even more favourite than VII. And, yes, I'm getting XII. Not the softdrinks, though. And I'm getting XI for the Xbox 360.

Did I mention I got an Xbox 360? I waited in line for 10 hours at Circuit City with my mum. Nerdy? Yes, very. I spent most of the night typing a paper in the car and listening to Miyavi. Whom everyone should acquaint his/herself with, because his music is yummy. But it was raining, and freezing and I wasn't wearing socks in my leather shoes. And we were cut in line, as were the guys in the tent ahead of us. We didn't get the Premium Edition, and they didn't get anything. Which was upsetting to say the least.

Way to make a long story short! *wipes sweat from brow*

In other news, I'm ready for next semester. I'm giving a studio art class and Irish Lit a try. Granted, for the latter of the two mentioned classes (I am taking more), my book list is piled high to a dozen. That's a lot of books for a lot of money. That's a lot of Joyce analyses. I think I can take it! Bring it on! BRING IT ON!

Did I ever mention that I just love the colours on this site? Well, I do. Periwinkle and yellow and white. Should be a flag for its very own country. I'll just have to usurp some land from Spain and make it so.

Okay, well, that's enough for now, methinks. Merry Christmas everybody!

Title's from The Truman Show! Uhm... yay!

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