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[2006-04-18 @ 9:53 p.m.]

Ahh, the good ol' days of updating while writing a paper.

So I had to research a leader, and write a 7 page paper on him/her. Me being the Irish-American nerd I am, I picked Irish Revolutionary leader Michael Collins! He's very interesting, as it happens. Unfortunately, 5 pages in, 2 more pages just won't come. Can't do it. So it's icecream break time!

Okay, really it's post drawings time. I'm being responsible! *cough*

I'll start out with the tolerable one:

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^ Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts II. Yep, I stole it from a cutscene. Thank Tetsuya Nomura for a bee-yoo-tee-full game.

The rest of'em are all anime sketchies. You see, I really did hate anime, manga, all things Japanese until I played a lot of video games. With video game addiction came the necessary other addictions. It was partially because since I want to make video game concept art, I felt compelled to learn how to draw anime (it is the popular style for video game concepts). Or so that's how my excuse goes. Really they're just cartoons for smart people, and I'm a smart people who loves cartoons. I'm not really good at drawing it yet though. (Which prompts an, ahem, ;_____;)

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^Naota from Fooly Cooly

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^ Mamimi from Fooly Cooly

(Fooly Cooly is really... weird. As far as I can tell, it's a complicated love story featuring a space pirate who rides a Vespa and weilds an electric bass as a weapon, and a young boy [Naota] who sprouts aliens from his head that he later fights in a robot form. It's hilarious though.)

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^ Onizuka from Great Teacher Onizuka.

(He's really famous for doing sick-o faces whenever he's perplexed or grossed out or excited. He's a reformed biker whose dream is to become Japan's best teacher... but it's kinda twisted.)

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^ Ichigo, Bleach

(Bleach is really popular. It starts out kinda Sixth Sense: a young man can see and communicate with ghosts. Eventually his talents wind him up so much with the fate of the undead that he becomes one himself-- so much so that he becomes a God of Death [shinigami!] and has to send souls to where they belong.)

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^ Asuka, Neon Genesis Evangelion

(EVA is probably one of my favourites evar. It takes place around now, except a few years ago something known as "ADAM" crashed into the earth and prompted the creation of huge humanoid man-made creatures known as "EVA"s. With the coming of ADAM is also the coming of ANGELs, that look like the EVAs and attack the earth. It's kinda a man-plays-God story that makes you think, man, THINK.)

Mmm... oh, yeah, forgot:

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Unfinished Riku! He's my fave character from Kingdom Hearts, the game series. It's Final Fantasy meets Disney! With everyone from Cloud Strife to Ariel!

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