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[2006-04-24 @ 8:38 p.m.]

Is it just me, or has Diaryland upped and died? I think I'll wear red to its funeral. Of course, it's sad that I just came back after a hiatus.

I gave eljay a try, but it's not as homey. Myspace is atrocious. Not much else besides. But you can't find layout sites for Diaryland anymore, and I'm far too lazy to make my own. Don't much like my username either. Only thing is is that I've had this thing for years! I say we all campaign to bring D-Land back to life!

...so, anyway. No more papers for me! All done! An art project and a few final exams, and I'm in the *clear*. New school, back home, new major, new minor! Can't wait!

My last paper was kind of exciting. As it turns out, your heart supposedly releases electromagnetic waves. However, when you concentrate on love, your heart's energy waves actually expand your DNA (if you concentrate on aggression, your DNA actually contracts and sections get lost). So every time you concentrate on love, genetic disorders are somewhat positively affected. Not only that, but you can specify DNA to be modified, like tumors. And the most exciting thing is that this love energy can travel up to .5 miles almost instantly, so just hugging someone could help him! This leads scientists to believe that it's not electromagnetic waves at all, it's unidentified. When I was writing it, I got all excited, because to me it's proof that Jesus does dwell in my heart. What fun!

And my other big news is that I can now draw Mickey Mouse like a pro. I know, exciting.

Aaaand I'm to the end of Kingdom Hearts II. If anybody plays video games, play this! It's so sweet and cute. I definitely cried toward the end. A few times. *sniff* Now I have to beat Sephiroth, get the Ultima Weapon, and finish the Coliseum, and I can finish up the last battle. If you don't play games, then... sorry for the fangurlism!

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