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[2006-04-26 @ 1:29 p.m.]

I gave my possibly last tour today to some kids at the museum. So sad, I'm gonna miss it a little. I liked going off on tangents about pirates. Did you know Christopher Newport, the man who headed Jamestown, was not only a legal pirate, but was the first man with a hook for a hand? Captain Hook was based off of him.

Which makes me wanna play Kingdom Hearts. Haha, I'm so predictable.

My Disney addiction is unmatched, I'm afraid to say. I'd very much like to intern there next summer, in the animation department. The job description on monster.com says that I'd be doing footwork and transporting art, but I could be serving the animators coffee and sleeping in a closet for all I care. The same goes for Square Enix. I'll learn Japanese for them, and so long as I can draw, I'll be happy to get paid in Gackt singles and sliced bread. Tetsuya Nomura and Walt Disney. Admirable.

Although, I heard from a friend on XBox Live that Squeenix is run by the Japanese version of the mafia, the Yakuza. Which is actually the world's largest crime syndication, and it's been around since the fall of the samurai (Edo Period?). People who disagree with the Yakuza used to have their fingers cut off, starting with the pinky. Which is why Bob the Builder has five fingers in Japan-- an extra on each hand was added so kids didn't get scared.

The uselessness of my vast knowledge amazes me. I couldn't be good at things like math or science. Oh no. I have to know that Christopher Newport had a fear of crocodiles and Bob the Builder is a member of a crime organization.

And to congratulate anyone that read this far, have a fun MP3! "MIRACLE" by DOPING PANDA.

Title's the battle-cry from Demyx, Kingdom Hearts II. His musical-themed destruction wasn't intimidating, but man was it hawt.

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