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Goodbye Bio!
[2006-05-01 @ 8:13 p.m.]

My bio final is done and over with. It was so-so.

The more I think about it, the better off I'd be with a switched diary. There are people reading this one that I know shouldn't be on, and it feels like a good breaking point. As in, I wouldn't mind never reading my old entries ever again. If there's one thing about Livejournal I appreciate, it's lockable entries. There are some things I don't mind sharing, and some things I don't want seen but by a select few. (Plus, I can make layouts in a jiffy!)

Anywho, my next entry (unless I should desire a rant about my next few finals) will contain some photos of recent artwork. As in, stuff from all over the semester that I never got back until now, and random sketches that nobody ever likes to see. Because I'm cool like that.

Also, in video game news, FF7 is being remade for the PS3, Crisis Core becoming a prequel to FF7 for the PSP, Revolution being renamed the Wii, FFXII has an MMO style (that the FF7-remake may borrow), and the guy that does the voice for Axel ("A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?") and Isaaru ("And remember, the ruins of Zanarkand will be waiting!") does the voice for Reno in Advent Children. Yayayayay. Axel is like schmexmobile er summat. And yes, all of that was in English.


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