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[2004-01-04 @ 2:01 p.m.]

Cast of my life


1. ME! Of course. A 6'0" 16 year old, brown/red hair and blue eyes, a movie crazed fanatic, and only put on this earth to annoy you (lucky, lucky you!).

2. Ben. My 13 year old brother. Obsessed with Lord of the Rings (that's right, I'm not the only one), the Matrix, and Queens of the Stone Age. We, unlike most siblings, get along well and spend a lot of time together. I'm not sure how tall he is, but he has blond hair and blue eyes. Since he’s four years my younger, when he was first born, it was I who named him Benjamin. The story is as thus: I wanted a little brother so badly as a young girl that I’d often take other women’s sons in malls (I was a criminal at age four!). Well, I got my wish!

3. Mum. Her real name is Jennifer (I just call her mum), and she's 5'6" with red curly hair and green eyes. She gave me her Irish Kennedy mentality and love for potatoes, and she's the voice of reason and my mentor in life. She has a whole lotta talent, and not a lot of people can recognise it, but I sure do.

4. Dad. He's 6'3" and has little to no black hair and blue eyes. His real name is Leo, and he graduated a Naval Academy with high honors and at the top of his class. We don't always get along (and by always, I mean ever), but I love him because he's my dad. He currently works at Columbia University (so I get in free) in New York.

5. Gammie. That's what I call my Grandmother. She's 5'7" (I think) and has blond hair and brown eyes. Her real name is MaryJane, and she's been married, I think, about 3 times, each time ending in divorce. She likes to tell me stories when it's just the two of us, and that's a lot of fun. She lives with my immediate family here in Virginia.


1. Kelly. Same age as me, she goes to my highschool. We always sit in the back of AP English and talk while the teacher lectures (oops, did I say that?). She's my LOTR buddy since no one else I know really likes it like we do. We both like Evanescence, Flogging Molly, and Trapt.

2. Liz. She's been one of my best friends since the 4th grade. She's into Manson, Evanescence, Tool, Britney Spears, A Perfect Circle and such. No one can pull off the Goth look like she can, trust me, and she also plays guitar in my band, Ides of March.

3. Jennifer. I've known her since 6th grade. In the 8th grade, our Geometry teacher thought we looked so much alike that about half-way through the year, she stop trying to discern who was who, and just handed one of us both of our papers and let us figure it out (which was fine, because we always made the same exact grades). People still think we're related, but I've changed a lot (thank goodness she stuck with me through it, I'm telling yah). We both share a love for Our Lady Peace and matchbox 20. She's a good person to talk to about family problems.

4. Rachel. We may not be that much alike, and we may fight over who will someday dictate the universe, and we may argue over which one of us obsesses over Elijah Wood the most, and even though she likes animé, we're still pretty tight. She's the bassist in my band, likes Lord of the Rings (but hates Harry Potter, the crazy), and her favourite colour is green. She throws some good parties, and doesn't mind that Liz (see number 2) and I come over so often for practice. Amazingly, she's lived everywhere I have, and moved there just after I left. She's lived just outside of Seattle (where I was born), Monterey, Connecticut, and then Virginia. I've known her since the 6th grade.

5. Megan. I've known her since the 6th grade, as well. She likes emo/pop/punk bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan (the kinds of bands I can never really get into), but she likes Rooney, and that's good. She throws the best parties and sleepovers for groups larger than you could imagine, and she's a very bubbly person, in most cases (though she makes sure she has her way with everything). And her mommy is really nice to me!

6. Rachel. Yes, a different Rachel. She just moved away to live with her sick relative in Florida, and she hasn’t written to me, or called me, or emailed me! I didn’t know her for too long, only a few years, and then she moved! Hey, Rachel, if you’re reading, contact me, for heaven’s sake! Don’t let me just sit around and wonder what’s going on! I have feelings too, *snivvle*.

7. Ashley, Heather, and Mary. All in my Orchestra Class Clique. Anytime we’re all together, we flock like a herd of sheep (Jennifer, number 3, is also in this group). Ashley wants to be an actress, too, and we’ve promised to help each other out with jobs and whatnot. Mary and Heather are self-declared “twins” with red hair and matching personalities, very optimistic personalities. We all like the same stuff, same movies, same clothes, same music. It’s like we were all hatched from the same alien pods, even if they all play the violin (except Heather who plays bass) and I play cello.

8. YOU!. That’s right, you! I love you like a distant relation, or an acquaintance.

~ p.s. If I know you personally (and by personally, I mean in person), and you haven’t been added to my cast and your feelings are hurt, please tell me! I want to add you! I swear! So, inform me, and I’ll put you on my list ~

~Email Buddies~

(I used to have so many, now I’m all alone) (…pity me)

1. Meredith. She’s a very nice girl. But you don’t have to take it from me! Go check out her diary!

2. Sarah. Sarah's really cool, as I'm sure most Australians are! And, finally, someone who equally appreciates Frodo.


1. Elijah Bloomensondepp III. My stuffed dog I won at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. I named him after four of my heroes: Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortenson (Viggo is such a cool name), and Johnny Depp. I’m not exactly sure where the III came from, but it had a ring to it.

2. Elmo. You might read this name a lot. It is NOT Elmo the muppet-ish creature, it is a nickname for Hugo Weaving. See, he plays Elrond in Lord of the Rings, and my mum seems to think that Elrond is gay, or a (ho)mo. He’s an elf, and a mo, so, therefore and thenceforth and inasmuch as he is further known to us at my residence as Elmo. Don’t ask why Hugo Weaving has become a household name.

3. Will & Grace. They get me through many looooong, boring times in my life. Thank you, thank you. The best television show ever, closely followed by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Kids in the Hall.

4. Kermy. My hot red Epiphone guitar. That’s right, I named my guitar. And the name was given to me by a note on my diary from another Amanda. Thank you, who ever you are, because the name stuck!

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