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A Shortcut to the Mushrooms!
[2003-07-24 @ 3:30 p.m.]

Hi all!

I'm hungry...uhh...oh! A box of honey roasted peanuts is right next to the computer! Ah, that's better. I only ate two, but that's just enough! I joined an OLP diaryring, but I can't get the ring onto my diary. I followed the stupid HTML directions and it still didn't work. Oddly enough! But Our Lady Peace (may I go on the record now, if I already haven't) is, and shall always be the BEST BAND IN EXISTENCE!

Somethin' funny happened to me! I got poison ivy on my bellybutton (I'm an innie, in case you need 2 know), and I've never heard of that before. I get poison ivy every summer, all summer. This summer it came a little later than usual, and not as badly as usual, is it possible to develop an immunity? But I've had on both arms so far.

I painted my fingernails today! For once! And pink too. And I hate pink. But it looks nice with my hair, so why not? It's more like an iridescent pink anyways. I'm also wearing a pink halter (oh no!) from...gulp...american eagle. I should be ashamed. But I've had it for a while, and it was clean, so I put it on. No harm there, right? I'll still be accepted to heaven, right? And, hold onto your seats ladies and laddies, I (cough, cough), am not wearing black eyeliner (gasps fill the silent, stiff air in dibelief). That's right! I haven't worn it in a few weeks now! I don't look like a circus clown when I go places! I look normal! I just think it's a bit too scary in the summer heat (not to mention uncomfortable as it runs down your cheeks as you sweat).

Hmm, I just realized that I'm a very boring person! Uh, I called to schedule a road test retake, but every time I got thru (the first million times the school's line was busy- it was like trying to get a request in a radio station), no one picked up. I'd let it ring for, like, five minutes, and just gave up. I'll try again early tomorrow morning and see if that works! And tomorrow I have to go shopping for shorts and Sims for gamecube! Isn't that fun? My summer assignments weigh on my mind a little too oft for my comfort. Maybe I should contemplate finshing an essay or two. I like writing essays. Oddly enough! Oh! Saturday I get to hang at the library (the hot spot for the cool kids----not!) for some convention thingee with my friend Kelly and my bro. Should be fun actually! Medieval fantasy stuff or something...writing workshops and such! And I love writing, and reading, and acting, and sleeping (that one didn't fit in, but I thought I should add it)!

Speaking of sleeping, I woke up for no reason at 6 am. Why? What is wrong with me? Then I just layed there to go back to sleep and wake up at noon like usual, and I couldn't! I couldn't sleep! I've always known I was a morning person, but I thought that the summer was not meant to exemplify such characteristics! I swear I'm going soft. One day I'm drawin' sculls on my binders, next thing I know I'm taking hikes in the woods, waking up at early hours of the morning, making pottery in the shapes of flowers, and wearing pink nail polish. Someone, help me. Please. I can accept the part of me that loves school and learning and science and history and trees and nature and random odd sports, but the pink has to go. Then again, I think the fact that I'm wearing pink is scarier than any black scull encrusted outfits I wear. Am I right or am I right? This is so mundane and useless. This whole ten or so minutes of typing was a waste! No one wants to read my ramblings! Yet still I go on. Oh! I entitled today's entry "A Shortcut to the Mushrooms!" b/c I have Incubus stuck in my head. Any of their big fans'll get it, sorry if you don't b/c I'm not explainin'! But it's actually also the title of a chapter in "The Fellowship of the Ring" and I say this b/c that is where credit is due. Maybe later I'll have interesting material...till then, lata!

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