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[2003-07-23 @ 10:03 p.m.]

I'm officially BORED out of my mind! I just got finished watchin' Queens of the Stone Age and Trapt on WB, Will and Grace re-runs are on right now, but I watched the same episodes already today just to type now! So, all of you people out there (the non-existent ones that I think might actually read this thing and find it mildly entertaining), you should feel lucky!

The description for this entry came from an episode of Will and Grace, for those of you who are STUPID and don't watch it. I took a quiz on quizilla and found out I'm most like Karen Walker on Will and Grace which is cool 'cuz she is but i think I'm more like a mix of her and Jack because I just sorta have a little too much energy sometimes if ya know what I mean (and I'm sure after this run-on sentence you do) because I tend to annoy people even my family because that's just me! But I don't really like Cher too much...I do like Micheal Jackson! You laugh, but Smooth Criminal is a force to be reconciled with! And you can't beat the dance, man! So, what ever happened to Smashing Pumpkins? Are they gone b/c of Zwan (goodness gracious great balls of fire that rymed) or is Zwan just a side project like the Boxcar/Blink thing? Cuz, don't get me wrong, Zwan is great and all, but the Smashing Pumpkins are a classic.

Moving on! So, I'm runnin' out of good stuff! Arr...that's what I say when I think sometimes...it's like a pirate...arr, I'm the scourge of the seven seas...Get your nails done, get your hair did (too bad I HATE hip hop!) (I HATE HIP HOP!). Other stuff I hate: preppy people (okay, some preppy people, I've got a lot of preppy friends), J Lo, pop (most, not all, remember Jackson?), people who think Frodo is gay (it's Sam who's the questionable one), people who think Elijah Wood is gay (meaning my brother, my mom, my dad, half the world's population just b/c he has impeccable dressing taste and shaves unusual places for a guy, lives in L.A. and plucks his eyebrows [let's face it folks, it's better that guys do that, trust me]), people who hate Harry Potter because they can't admit it's good cuz they're afraid, people who pose as somethin' they're not b/c they think it's fashionable (my friends know who I'm talkin' about here), curry, John Mayer, Uncle Kracker, country, rap, anyone who doesn't like Canadians cuz they rock man, people who like Good Charlotte/Avril lavigne/New Found Glory/or Bowling for Soup and pretends it's "punk" (insulting bands like The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Anti-Flag, and The Ramones), Justin Timberlake (face it, everyone went thru that "Oh my gosh, I need the tissues, it's NSync period [yes, you too], and now I don't admit that I ever liked them, but Lance Bass was always better than Justin), and I'm running out of things I hate so I'll stop there. This is the extent of my superficial life.

My brother is trying to make his own quiz about the Ozz man (I LOVE OZZY!), which reminds me of a quiz I once made (Which memeber of Sum 41 are you?) which in turn reminds me of a story. It's interesting for those who care to hear, so sit right back and you'll hear a tale...

I was at this b-day party and my friend had rented a bunch of movies(but forgot The Faculty- which I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN!) and started talkin' about this hot guy working at the video store. She said he looked exactly like Cone, the bassist from Sum 41, and I got a flashback of the fist time I saw him in the video store and I immediately agreed with her. So on the spur of the moment, we both got on a phone and called up the store while the other half a dozen girls crowded around another phone to listen! We ended up talkin' to the poor guy past his comfort zone I think (he thinks he's got a group of stalkers now), and we promised that we would each come in and get his autograph. Well, the store is no longer the same video store, and my mysterious "Cone" is gone! I can't find him anywhere anymore, and I have this empty space on my wall for my autograph and an empty space in my heart (hahaha---just kidding)! This is how sad my life is! I'm sure I'm scaring people, so I'm just gonna go now! Toodles!

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