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[2003-10-18 @ 4:18 p.m.]

Ahh, I'm tired! Tired and at my friend, Kelly's house, and listening to Flogging Molly, like every regular Irish teen does. ERIN GO BRAUGH!

Well, we found the locations and the majority of our costumes for a Robin Hood movie we're making for English class. Filming begins and ends tomorrow, should be fun. It's in the style of Monty Python, and starts out pretty serious then goes all crazy! I should post the script I wrote on here. Well, life treats me pretty good.

It's my first technical directing job, hopefully lots more in my future and not just for English class. Or any film-making classes for college! Which, I must say, I'm quite done with highschool. Really tired of immaturity from peers and faculty alike, and I haven't learned anything new in a looooong time. How many times over must I learn the states and their capitals? Since the third grade to my junior year in highschool? Why? What's it gonna get me? If I never want to go to Kansas, why do I have to know the capital city is Topeka? And everyone who's anyone knows that the real capital of Washington isn't Olympia, it's Seattle. I should know, I was born there.

Born a city girl and raised a southern girl. Another reason I can't wait to get outta here.

I'm tired. I...need...sleep...........

Oh! I saw the end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off! I love that movie! And then a computerized animation tv show about an Irish pig came on tv, and I have to work my Irish accent to perfection for a job audition (yes, an audition), and if that requires me to sit and be forced to watch Colin Farrell interview after Colin Farrell interview, then so be it! And heaven's knows I'd just hate that...

That was sarcasm, by the way.

I heard a wee bit-o-interestin' info about an actor from Lord of the Rings. No, not Elijah Wood. No, not Orlando Bloom. Think ugly, not hot. John Ryhs-Davies is apparently suing the producers of the amazing trilogy due to injuries.

Wait. Wait, hold up there Mr. Davies. Let's look at this a minute. Sean Astin gashed his foot through on a sharp piece of glass, and Viggo Mortensen broke a tooth, and, oh, NEARLY DROWNED! What injury did you sustain? And you're suing for how much?


Well, not to say I wouldn't be sue-happy. I am a Kennedy, and I do only crave power, fame, and wealth, but being part of the American Royal family, I have the god-given right to reprimand people while being hypocritical. So :P

Although my friend Jen said most powerful Kennedys come to a horrible end becuase we made a fortune through bootlegging, and the only way to lift the curse is to do good for humanity.

And being an organ donor on my liscence doesn't count, cuz they can only take my organs if I die.


Toodles! We're gonna go throw paintballs at innocent, small mammalia.


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