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[2003-12-08 @ 10:17 a.m.]

I'm home sick. Again. I do this a lot, don't I? I never want to, I just do. But I'm busy working on some reports and decided I've been thinking a little too much. It happens.

I'm not focusing on Macbeth like I should be right now, at least to just write these essays. I keep straying off to other things. Maybe, this is just a thought, but maybe if I type it all out, my problems will go away so I can focus of the hamartia and demise of Macbeth once more.

First off, if I'm quoting Shakespeare, and I come to a break in the line to go down a space (because of the whole iambic pentameter thing), do I do this: "So from that spring where comfort seemed to come/ Discomfort swells"? It seems right enough. I don't think it matters, since I was never really told which way to do it. The teacher should be a bit more specific.

In other news, Ring Dance was fine. It wasn't a big blast, but I had fun. They had good punch, haha! Nah, really, nothing great happened. I had more fun at dinner before-hand (Pirates of the Carribean at Cinema Cafe). Trudging through the mall in a gown and a pair of high-top red Chucks is always oodles of fun. But I got my class ring, and I must say that it's stellar, absolutely stunning. Silver with Aqua Marine (my birth stone, thag you very buch!)(haha! Get it? I'm sick!) and it's big. Big! I like big, shiny objects. I also lost my ring yesterday, so I'm a little unhappy. It's just someplace lyin' around. I'm pretty sure there's an insurance plan on it (since it cost like 300 bux), so if it went down a pipe someplace, I can work something out.

Apparently there's a new Tim Burton flick comin' out, "Big Fish". No, not Reel Big Fish, the band (did I spell their name right? I don't know if it's reel or real), but a movie. Not just any movie, but a Tim Burton movie. None of his movies are JUST movies, they're masterpieces! And I'm not being outrageous in anyway, there. I like a movie that I have to think about (even if it means that I think already more than I do). I hate two things about most movies: when character discription and development comes by way of other characters, and an overt theme that is told directly to an audience too stupid to take the time to guess at it. I've never had any of these complaints about a Tim Burton movie. The characters make themselves. Their own actions and their own dialogue, the actors mould their characters without the aid of another actor. The theme is invert, hidden, amongst stories that are far-fetchedly realistic despite their fantasy. It's all buried under piles of stunning imagery that creates tone and depth, but underneath everything is a perfect storyline, only perfect through imperfection.

And this is why I'm thinking too much. I believe that perfection is truly imperfection. Perfection is a lie, one that masks the truth in death and misery from us. I hate those perfect little houses, those perfect little cars, those perfect little people that live there or drive that, all lived in a false hope that things are better than they are. I'd rather see the natural roses, dying and wild rather than the ones winning the blue ribbons. I'd rather see a rundown house with the stories of a human family, one with problems, one that's tangible and real.

And THIS is why I'm such a loser.

Yep, I've thought and shared. Thank you for listening. You can go away now if you don't want to hear more. Go on, go! I'll be right back soon, I just need to get back to "fair is foul, and foul is fair" (Shakespeare's "Macbeth", I.1, line 10).

Ooh, iniquity is a nice word! I'm using that...Hey! Shakespearean insults! "Thou beslubbering fly-bitten clotpole!" Haha, that's grand! Oooh, disconcerting is a nice word too...oh, and crux...I like the Thesaurus! Hooray for the English language!

You have no idea how much fun I have when I write. I like to get a nice even flow going. When I write journal entries to read in front of my English class, I know it sounds like I just wrote a buncha stuff down (to anyone in that class or anyone who's ever let me read my stuff to them outside of class), but I really didn't. For the ones I plan to read, I write at least two different copies, a first draft and a final one. I try to find one topic and one main joke that gets repeated just to keep it all even (this is, I think, referred to as a recurring motif, even in this given case I believe it can be applied). So when I bring up a Katie Couric/ bad fashion joke for the millionth time, I'm not repeating myself, I'm applying the joke to another one to get a controlled spontenaity. Yep, I DO put thought into somethings, actually, just about everything. Not this, though. These are just my random thoughts. I don't take the time to organise here.

Look at me! I still have an essay to write! It's gonna be longer than 2 pages, I can feel it. That's bad, because I always get points taken off because of that. I'm only on my first example, I've got almost five more to go. And three more essays on top of it! AHHH!!! I'm gonna go grey at this rate. Actually, I already am (at 16!). I need to get checked for hypothyroidism (Hashiomoto's Disease). Oh! Yeah! Back to writing! Be back soon...Yep, I wrote a whole, what, two lines? I would've written these when I had time yesterday, but my mum was on the computer, and then my brother begged me to play with the POTC dvd computer features. I figured that it was almost time for bed at that point (especially since I was and still am so bloody tired), and five minutes couldn't hurt. Five melted into ten. It was too much fun making people's faces into skeletons. And I got to see the original script, and I'll tell ya this much: it woulda sucked if they hadn't made those changes. It's so much funnier the way it is... I love that movie. Anyways, yes, back to Macbeth! Oh! Hey! "Much Ado About Nothing" with Keanu Reeves is on AMC! So much Shakespeare, so little time!

Oh, here's a nice quote fer ya: "But I remember now/ I am in this earthly world, where to do harm/ Is often laudable, to do good sometime/ Accounted dangerous folly" (IV.3, lines 70-73). Ni-i-ice. Noooooo! I hit nearly two pages and I still have examples! Stupid, stupid length restraints! Hey, the second to last line reminds me of the Three Musketeers. "So thanks to all at once and to each one", is that supposed to bear resemblance to "one for all and all for one"? Well, it does.

I'm sure I'm boring you with Shakespeare. As soon as I'm done with this essay, before I set out to finish another, I will type a little more on here for your entertainment. One moment, please! Well, he said we could slide into three pages. I think what I did counts as a "slide". Let's print! We just got a new "Epson Stylus Photo 925" printer. I don't know what the difference between it and our old printer is, save that it's fancier and it actually works. Most of the pics I print now are a whole lot more clear, so I can't argue. In about 15 minutes I'm breaking for some Kids in the Hall, then I'm hitting the books again for my Lady Macbeth character essay (that's allowed to "slide" into 4 pages, luckily), and if I have time I'll work on the other two as well. I feel terrible.

Mmmkay, other things on my mind, now that I have the time: I'm planning on a little get-to-know-my-camera film project get-together-ish thing with some friends. I know the story line, it's kinda angsty and creepy, I want colour. I want one character to be monochromatic without reason, and one to be in colour despite obvious troubles in their life to get a good affect. By monochromatic I don't mean black and white (though that is the scheme), but, well, take this, for instance: the bleakly coloured character has a bleakly coloured room, no bright colours, no spark, no adornments, bare and spartan. The coloured character (wearing bright oranges and deep purples and greens and such things) brings into the room beautiful Hawaiin lilies in orange and green, luxurious colours, all as a gift to the bleak character, and then timidly sets the flowers on a colourless table in a nearly colourless room. It's going to be so cool when it comes together, I know it, but I don't know if I've got the necessary paraphernalia for such scenery. C'est la vie. But I keep seeing the picture in my mind, and I want to see it on film. I also know how I want the end scenes to go. It's gonna be good stuff, good stuff.

Oh! No! Don't wanna miss KITH! Must depart, au revoir! And today's title came from the aforementioned television masterpiece. Toodles!

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