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[2004-01-11 @ 11:37 a.m.]

Today's title came from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. For no apparent reason, that show has, and always will, cheered me up. So, in honour of such a truly appreciated show (on my part, anyway), I have payed tribute through the aforementioned title.

Yep, yesterday I was going through a whole, "I'm worried about my future being torn out from under my already bare and unsturdy feet" after going through my college plans with my mum. Not my dad, but my mum. I got the and-what-if-you-end-up-a-loser story, and then added a duel major to my plan. In case you're lost (and I'm sure you are, because I am too), check the previous entry.

So, I was really upset and depressed, and I flipped through the tv to find something half-way interesting, and I came across Queer Eye. I've loved that show since the first episode ever aired, but this time it just made me feel 110% better. So, yep, I'm in a semi-quasi better mood today.

My head aches and I'm loosing my voice (NOOOOOO!!!!!), and my brother made me play Rachet and Clank on the PS2. I find that the controls are harder for me to get used to after all those years of Gamecube and 64. It's not a bad game, but the graphics (they are good graphics, don't get me wrong) hurt my head even more than it hurt beforehand. So, yeah, at least I gave it a try. Video Games are fun, but I just don't have the attention span to play them for hours and hours and hours like my brother does. He was talking to his girlfriend on the phone, and they were talking about video games. No joke. She even gave him, for Christmas, two of the original SpiderMan comics, thirty years old and in mint condition. He, nor I for that matter, isn't a big collecter, but he loves SpiderMan (and who can't? It's Toby Maguire, for heaven's sake!), so, it's a big deal for him. He got these little covers and stuff for them, and he put them on his shelves.

It's so cute listening to them talk on the phone. She's really loud, and I can hear her from across the room, and occasionally my brother will say something, and she'll talk for another 30 minutes. She's so cute! Look at me, I just used the word "cute" twice. It's disturbing. Well, anyway, he bought her a teddy bear with lip gloss and a card, and blah blah blah. He even went to his first dance with her, and bought her a corsage.

It's weird that he's 13 and has a girlfriend, and I'm 16 and can't have a boyfriend. Technically, however, in a little over a month I'm allowed to have one. Oh, what fun (that was sarcasm, by the way). Well, what I'm really actually truly hoping for on my birthday is an upgrade on this stupid thing. If I am not able to upload my own images and do something with a good layout, I will KILL! A little over a month to go!

Well, I also want a new hat. A riding cap, to be specific. I normally don't get a whole, whole lot from my family. Usually one thing and a bit of money. My brother gets a lot of gifts, a few hundred dollars worth of video games and stuff, but I'm usually content with a new outfit and a pair of Chucks. I think that's what I got last year, anyway. Well, this year I want a nice riding cap, because I love hats, and I'm tired of stealing my dad's. My favourite hats are 1920's Inspired Cloches, and a good ol' Irish Riding Cap. I know, I know, I say it a lot. CDs and movies are great, but if I get my hands on some cash, that's the first thing I'm getting. Now, just watch, I'm gonna get like 20 riding caps from people. Hey, I wouldn't complain. I love hats!

So, I've been waiting forever and a day to see Big Fish. You know it, I know it, the people of the world know it. I have to see this movie. Well, I was supposed to see it today, but it's under 30 degrees outside, and my mum doesn't want to kill the car battery. Okay, umm, whose bright idea was it to put this movie out in select cities first? I've been clawing at the walls of my dark closet of a life to see it... Tim Burton, you're eeevil to your fans. I know, I know. There are mechanics to the business of film. If it doesn't do well in the big cities, it won't do well in the boonies, that's why they release it that way if it wasn't meant to be a block buster. It's not fair, though. When I live in New York, I'm gonna go see all the indie, foreign artsy movies I want. No more waiting to see Le Fils or The Triplets of Belleville, or even In America. Curses, you good movies that lie so far from my reach! CURSES!

Well, well, well. Well, well, well well well. Yep, I've got nothing to talk about. Not a thing. I'd like to talk about the good stuff I'm learning about my future college, about the special screenings and meetings with directors, and all the neat classes they offer, but then I'd get depressed again. Grrrr. I never win.

Well, technically, that's not true. I won a Pirate Caption Contest. I emailed the kid that runs the Fan Listing like a month ago like I was supposed to. Life is good when you're a winner.

Hmm, I'm kinda hungry. Maybe it's because I didn't eat breakfast. That could probably play a minor role in such a hunger. But I'm only kinda hungry. I might eat something for lunch, then. I wish I had some fruit to make smoothies, maybe that would cheer me up. Isn't it weird that your mind can be so easily swayed by something so seemingly unimportant as what you eat for breakfast?

I gotta go, toodles!

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