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What a carpouche!
[2004-02-16 @ 7:10 p.m.]

I swear, if my brother does not stop calling by names like "Bennifer" or "Liv", I will hurt him. My name is Amanda, not Ben, not Jennifer, most certainly not Bennifer, and I look nothing, nothing, like Liv Tyler.

But maybe if I did people would like me more, since everyone seems so smitten with her.

Anyway, I just had to fight him off for this computer because he has to play Sims. I won, but not before he punched me painfully in the arm and called me "Bennifer". I don't think he even knows who Bennifer was. And yes, I say was, since the legacy that was Bennifer ended a few weeks ago. I was counting down the days to that doom, everyone sensed its arrival.

So, I hear ROTK (the best film in existence) has won Best Picture at the English Academy Awards! I saw the red carpet stuff, but I didn't get to see that actual awards because, well, I don't live in England. America sucks, I'm so moving. Well, after I graduate college and start on my ominous, vague, and obscure yet entrancing and enticing career path that is the film industry. Which is exactly why I was watching the awards in the first place!

Alright, alright. I'm sure I've bored you enough by now. If you didn't already know that I crave BBC (and still don't get that channel), now you do. Britain gets all the luck.

So, today was a snowday. Yep, there was a good 3 or so inches coating the ground when I awoke 2 hours late this morning. It was like a breath of fresh and bitter cold air. I got to take a looooong hot shower (until my hot water ran out), and then I blowdried my hair and played my cello and read a little and... well, relaxed. It felt nice for a change of pace. If I get tomorrow off too, then I plan on beating my Mum to the treadmill and getting some good exercise in. Again. Thin= good. Can you tell I've been guilted by Vogue again? But Cate Blanchett was in it, and she's my hero!

Mum still doesn't think that I look like her, but Gammie says I do. Most of my friends agree, and my brother even admits it. I just think she's the coolest! Well, not the coolest, but cool nonetheless.

Wait? What was I talking about?

Well, anyway, today was fun. Yes. I had a half of a saucer full of roast chicken (gigglegiggle... that reminds me of a movie...), and a cup of chocolate milk and a hotdog. And a bit of licorice. And now I'm full. It's weird, I don't normally eat very much. I'm so tall (six feet! woo-hoo!) that you'd think I do, but I really don't. And I'm not super-model thin. I'm not fat, but I'm not thin. I don't understand it! Maybe I'm thinner than I think I am. Usually other people's parents try to feed me a lot, but my own parents don't. Mum says I'm the right size. Dad told me I'm fat, but I don't listen to him anyway. I'm not hungry, either, and I'm perfectly healthy. Maybe I'm self-conscious right now because of pms.

One can always blame it on pms.

"Terrible weather we've been having, eh?" PMS. "How about that robbery down the street?" PMS. "Michael Jackson's getting aquitted?" (heaven forbid because the "man" is as guilty as sin) PMS. "Sex in the City's getting cancelled?" Sarah Jessica Parker annoys me. Not PMS. Okay, so you can blame almost everything on PMS. The rest is Sarah Jessica Parker's fault.

I feel so chic right now, you have no idea. I'm wearing pink Spongebob Squarepants pj bottoms, a white tank top, bright pink bobby socks, and a 1930's terrycloth bedjacket. That last piece is via my Mum, she makes vintage clothing. Go here and see for yourself! And that model in some of the pictures is... me! Me from a long time ago. I was about twelve or thirteen in most of those. I'm almost 17 now! I look quite a bit different (I hope), but you can go see what she's got. I want to make my own dress... maybe Mum'll help me!

Well, I think I have to let my brother play Sims soon.

Toodles. And today's title came from, what other than, Will & Grace. Toodles.

Oh! And I'm so bent on making a roleplaying diary it's unbelievable. Go here to see what I mean. It looks like so much fun! Anyone else wanna start one with me?

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