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[2004-03-07 @ 7:06 p.m.]

AHHH! Internet is fun. I took this quiz, check what I got:

Your Oscar Night by v_squee
Date of Oscar NightJanuary 8, 2014
Award givenBest Screenplay
Your dateDom Monaghan (who has written "SAVE THE TREES" on his hand)
Your outfitA lovely satin dress
Embarrassing momentYou "accidentally" fondle Johnny Depp and it's caught on camera
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

That was with my full name (I've removed my surname so you can't stalk me, you creepy people, you). It sounds quite a bit like me. I love treehuggers (considering the fact that I am one), especially when they're hot and their names begin with "D" and end with "om Monaghan". What did I get with just my first name? Well, pretty much the same stuff, 'cept my date was Keira Knightley and I didn't get to fondle Johnny Depp. But seeing as how I wouldn't take Keira Knightley anywhere, even if we were best friends on the face of the Earth (you know how best friends take eachother as dates when they've got no one else), I figured that it was a fudged one. But check my brother's results:

Your Oscar Night by v_squee
Date of Oscar NightJune 23, 2032
Award givenBest Supporting Actor
Your dateElijah Wood (who makes faces at the camera)
Your outfitThe classic black number
Embarrassing momentYou were in the bathroom when they announced you the winner
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

HAHAHA! MY BROTHER'S GONNA TAKE ELIJAH WOOD TO THE OSCARS! That just makes me immeasurably happy, so I pointed at him and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed... and laughed. Then when he got mad I said I'd switch with him, he could have Keira Knightley, and I'd take 'Lij. Then he said that he'd drive the limo off a cliff with his date still in it. So I decided to post his results for everyone to laugh at.

That's right, Ben! We're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you!

I'm so naughty, I should be doing my vocab for English (the vocab that I never do until right before the class starts), but I'd much rather waste my time and eyesight and braincells on my computer. I was supposed to start making a flapper's dress for flapper's day coming up soon, but I never got to ask Mum for help. She's not feeling terribly well at the moment, and to tell the truth, neither am I.

My throat is sore, my ears are throbbing, and I can't stop coughing! I feel like I've got strep, but Mum says that it's allergy season. Funny, because I get severe allergies every year, but never like this. Oh well! I'll just stick it out like I always do with Tylenol and sleep. Wait, sleep? Haha, that's laughable. I couldn't sleep last night because I just couldn't breathe! And I sound like a frog when I talk. Either a frog or Joan Rivers, or one of the Dead Milkmen (that's a band for those who don't know).

Speaking of great music! I found this neat-o site on one of the coolest singers around that I just heard about yesterday but I think she's super-chouette, Mylène Farmer! I found this neat-o jukebox that plays her neat-o music, and I'm gonna insert the html on this neat-o page sooner or later. It's neat! o!

And today's title is from Scrubs. I never really liked that show, but then they had Micheal J. Fox, so I watched it. Then they had Brenden Frasier, so I watched it. Then I watched it again, and again. Now I'm hooked. It's pretty good, actually. It comes on right after Fraser, and I loooove Fraser. But not as much as Will & Grace! Hey mon frère, if your derière could use a little cush, no need to pout, the word is out, it's Jack's Subway Tush!

Yeah, I do have it memorised. So what? Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry? Look, now you've gone and done it. I'm quoting the Boy.

Yeah, I listen to Boy George. So what?

Haha, anyway, I watched Shrek today. In French! Ahh! It was cool! I loooove Shrek. I love the part when Fiona sang to the bird and it exploded, and I love Robin Hood and his men, and I love... everything! It's such a good movie. Now I need to get the English dvd, and I'll be set. As is I have half of that movie memorised (I've seen it about 3 or 4 times in English, which is all I need, really), so translating it isn't too hard. I did notice that instead of Donkey saying, "Shrek's gonna die! HE'S GONNA DIE!" he says, "Shrek has pain! SHREK HAS PAIN!" Big difference, actually. But, whatever! It's still good. And the karioke dance sequence at the end is all in English, too.

And this is why I'm a loser. And speaking of being a loser, I'm gonna go practise my cello. I was playing the songs from Pirates of the Carribean (I'm getting ready for my stunt at the Oscars... even though I'm not going to win screenplay, I'm getting Best Actress because that's the way it goes)(it is my dream), and then I tried to figure out that song from Lothlorien so I could play eight songs from LOTR successfully. I never got to finish.

And Ebert and Roeper gave Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind two thumbs way up! Who here wants to go see it with me?!? Finally, a Jim Carrey role I'll be able to put up with!



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