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[2004-04-30 @ 7:18 p.m.]

Oh, help me. Help me, help me, help me. I feel like I'm going to throw up.

This year is moving so fast. Too fast. Tomorrow I'm taking my first set of SATs. I'm so nervous. I can always retake them, and I've got my way to Columbia paved, but, oh heavens, I feel so scared. SATs (in case someone here doesn't know) are the exams issued to all graduating students in the US before they go to college. Good scores are necessary for good colleges. I have to get up really early tomorrow and eat a good breakfast (this means no Spongebob Squarepants cereal), and go to a nearby highschool that isn't my own. One of my friends said (with a serious face, mind you), "You'll probably get a 1300." Oh, I really hope so. The bit of reviewing I've done so far went pretty well, but I'm still so intimidated by it. A sheet of paper has subdued me. Well, a booklet and an answer sheet. A three hour test.

On top of that, Monday is my AP English exam. That's what determines whether or not I get college credit for the class I've been taking every day, all year. Normally my classes are half of a year, but not this one. So, one test means everything. And those tests aren't easy. You think you know everything about English, you think you know you can write, but, seriously, the first time I took one, it blew me away. I also did very well, but it blew me away. It's just stuff you'd never know about very technical aspects of writing. It's like second nature to my class now, but it's still very scary. I have to be at school by 7 a.m. on Monday. I'm usually there about two hours later. Luckily the teacher is buying us breakfast, so we don't have to worry. That test is also 3 hours long. I get out right in time for my big Physics test! Woohoo! But, apparently, someone, somewhere hit a snafoo and only ordered 32 tests for a class of 36. Four people have to wait to take their AP English exams. The teacher was joking the first time he asked, "Is anyone interested in, uhh, not taking it?" Then he asked again after another phone call, "This time it's serious, is there anyone that's willing to not take it Monday, and, uhh, wait?" No one volunteered. Wonder why?

Uhh, need something to take my mind off stuff... I finished my jar-ish-thing in Ceramics. It had to be a slave vessel, so it had to look like an African-American. Mine's really, really good, but it looks like Gandhi. I was smoothing its bald head, and I felt like I was rubbing Gandhi. It was really creepy. Rubbing Gandhi... oh my gosh. I need a life. Only the clay was kinda grainy, so I keep imagining Gandhi's head feeling like sandpaper. HELP ME! I'm a little afraid to keep it at my house, because, well, I don't want Gandhi staring at me. I'll have to give it to my history teacher. She'll like it.

Uhh, umm, geeez, we're playing Elton John in Orchestra. "Your Song". I was afraid I couldn't challenge the girl back, because it may be too late, but I'll see what I can do on Monday. I have to beat her so she can wallow in self-pity in a dark room with sad music for talking about me behind my back. She seems really nice, but she also seems conceited. It's weird, because talking to her should make you feel happy, but it really just makes me feel badly.

What else? I hate Physics. I feel like I'm digging myself a hole in that class. I can't understand one thing, so I can't understand another, and another. My grades slowly get worse and worse and worse. I'm trying, but I find that I just don't care. Oh! And I got my National French Exam Results. I came in 4th! Woohoo! Fourth out of Thirty-Four. I think. My teacher told me I was number four. One girl must've tied with me, because she was number four also, and we were both so excited! It is exciting! I love french, and I thought I did a lot worse than that. J'adore le français! I can't wait to kick derrière at next year's competition!

AP was fun today. We had to prepare the portable for our exam (portables are trailer classrooms because our school is waaaay over-crowded and they won't let us take our exam in our English classroom). So, as comfort items, we brought the tv monkey, the kangaroo mirror, the angry apple, the ribboned stick, and a fish magnet (we really wanted the crowned monkey, the Simpsons poster, the other fish magnets, and the "Oh! Elephants? I thought you said we were gonna cross the Alps with Elegance" poster, but second bell took them). Wait, maybe I should explain myself, we were allowed to decorate the portable to feel more at home, so we took items that the teacher had in his room so we feel better. But, see, the kangaroo mirror is always behind a cabinet, so we can never see him, so we put him behind the cabinet of the portable. Just so we know it's there. Then we arranged the desks and wrote "Oh! Elephants?..." on the chalkboard, and made the teacher promise to bring a big picture of himself so we can put it in the room and feel better (he's not allowed in there). I love that class, it's crazy. Second bell got a smelly portable, infested with rats. Half of it was filled with really old banners, Christmas trees, hula-hoops, and trash piled waist-high. There were really big bugs in there. I guess it's fine they got the crowned monkey, and we didn't.

Stupid second bell.

And I saw Tina Fey on Late Night before dinner! She's soooo cool! Another person to emulate for reasons beyond normal human psyche. She's got this really neat-o sense of humour. I'm only funny when I try to be, but it's like effortless for her. Plus she's such a good actress, and such a fantastic writer. Two things I love and only just aspire to! I wonder if she has anything to do with the "You're wicked retahded" "No, you ah" skits on Saturday Night Live. Whoever is is a floggin' genius. And she brought clips of a dog in a dress on its hind legs. She's the coolest. Only those of the purest intellect can appreciate dancing dogs in tutus.

Ho hum, nothing's going on. I suppose I could, uhhh... study??? That sick feeling in my tummy is coming back... make it go away... I must need caffiene.

(today's title is from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail because last night's new Will & Grace rocked my socks off) Toodles!

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